Plane From Busan: An MCIA Halloween Special

The zombies from Train to Busan has now invaded Korean Airport and some of the infested zombies had taken a flight from Korea to Cebu to further spread their race. Presenting Train to Busan Part II: Plane From Busan. Location: Mactan International Airport. Mission: Infect the Cebuanos and Foreigners arriving in Cebu with the Z virus. Continue reading “Plane From Busan: An MCIA Halloween Special”

Bantayan sa Hari Liloan

🚏 Brgy. Catarman, Liloan, Cebu, Philippines 6002

Like many other first time visitor of Bantayan sa Hari, I also thought that it is the lighthouse built by the Spaniards and was replaced by the Americans which is now the Bagacay Point that I blogged before this (read here) but I was wrong. I mean who can blame us, we don’t know plus the structure itself looks like a lighthouse that has been destroyed by a big storm. Because of it’s looks now many have dubbed it “the forgotten historical treasure of Liloan” and it’s located near the Parola/Bagacay Point Lighthouse no wonder the people (including me) mistakes it as the original lighthouse from the Spanish era.

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EGI City by the Sea Hotel

🚏Pajac-Maribago Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

The hotel we stayed in while we were in Mactan Island and the second hotel I set foot in on  my 19 years of existence was EGI City by the Sea Hotel. Though our stay was supposed to be two days since my Aunt’s plan was to bum around the hotel’s pool area which they have a lot ( I guess 4 pools were there in total which am not quite sure) and explore more the hotel since it was quite big and wide and I think it consist of 3 buildings and one school since we found out that there was a school for Koreans inside and 1 of the buildings is where they are staying. But the plan was changed, I have mentioned the reason in my previous post (here), making us leave the hotel early the next day. Continue reading “EGI City by the Sea Hotel”

Stations of the Cross

Our next stop was the Stations of the Cross. At first I was skeptical to continue the journey because in order to arrive at the station we have to go back down to where the motorcycle dropped us and I was worried because of my grandma since she was already tired. But after some 30 minutes break our energy was back and ready for some action. Continue reading “Stations of the Cross”

Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy

Standing on top of one of the mountains in Q Park is the 44 ft. statue of Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy. The statue is so tall you can see it even when your far away from the mountain, though there were some trees covering the sight. I was very excited to see it in person that I just ignored the scorching heat of the sun. The heat was only temporary though because once we got nearer the wind brought with it a cool breeze plus in between the steps were huts made of cement (sorry I don’t know what to call em but you’ll see below what I meant). And I forgot to mention, the number of steps towards the statue is 285 steps, can you believe that. When we were on our way, my grandma couldn’t keep up with me so we have to stop like 5 minutes on every hut. Continue reading “Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy”