See you soon~ Taiwan!

Taiwan-Airport-Marj Castro

My journey towards the land of Meteor Garden; months before my trip and all the dramas circulation the VISA-FREE implementation, my private life and how I reacted or felt towards it. Continue reading “See you soon~ Taiwan!”

Plane From Busan: An MCIA Halloween Special

The zombies from Train to Busan has now invaded Korean Airport and some of the infested zombies had taken a flight from Korea to Cebu to further spread their race. Presenting Train to Busan Part II: Plane From Busan. Location: Mactan International Airport. Mission: Infect the Cebuanos and Foreigners arriving in Cebu with the Z virus. Continue reading “Plane From Busan: An MCIA Halloween Special”

The Things I love About Little India

And….I’m back you guys! Sorry for the long wait if there is a wait happening hahahah (talking to myself feeling embarrassed, ugh #sadlyp). Anyway, enjoy this photo heavy blogpost…! Continue reading “The Things I love About Little India”

My 9 Current Happy Grams

Because my post was deleted recently during my update. I can only post the photos and the list of things I’m thankful of so sorry for the lost ones and sorry if there is a change on the list, I forgot some of it and my draft was also gone ✌ ✌ ✌ . Continue reading “My 9 Current Happy Grams”

Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy

Standing on top of one of the mountains in Q Park is the 44 ft. statue of Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy. The statue is so tall you can see it even when your far away from the mountain, though there were some trees covering the sight. I was very excited to see it in person that I just ignored the scorching heat of the sun. The heat was only temporary though because once we got nearer the wind brought with it a cool breeze plus in between the steps were huts made of cement (sorry I don’t know what to call em but you’ll see below what I meant). And I forgot to mention, the number of steps towards the statue is 285 steps, can you believe that. When we were on our way, my grandma couldn’t keep up with me so we have to stop like 5 minutes on every hut. Continue reading “Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy”