Plane From Busan: An MCIA Halloween Special

The zombies from Train to Busan has now invaded Korean Airport and some of the infested zombies had taken a flight from Korea to Cebu to further spread their race. Presenting Train to Busan Part II: Plane From Busan. Location: Mactan International Airport. Mission: Infect the Cebuanos and Foreigners arriving in Cebu with the Z virus. Continue reading “Plane From Busan: An MCIA Halloween Special”

Stations of the Cross

Our next stop was the Stations of the Cross. At first I was skeptical to continue the journey because in order to arrive at the station we have to go back down to where the motorcycle dropped us and I was worried because of my grandma since she was already tired. But after some 30 minutes break our energy was back and ready for some action. Continue reading “Stations of the Cross”

Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy

Standing on top of one of the mountains in Q Park is the 44 ft. statue of Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy. The statue is so tall you can see it even when your far away from the mountain, though there were some trees covering the sight. I was very excited to see it in person that I just ignored the scorching heat of the sun. The heat was only temporary though because once we got nearer the wind brought with it a cool breeze plus in between the steps were huts made of cement (sorry I don’t know what to call em but you’ll see below what I meant). And I forgot to mention, the number of steps towards the statue is 285 steps, can you believe that. When we were on our way, my grandma couldn’t keep up with me so we have to stop like 5 minutes on every hut. Continue reading “Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy”


It’s always been my dream to travel the world and explore/experience their culture and history. Going to places I’ve never been and discovering stuff I had never experienced so yeah, I live for adventure. And one of the stuff I want to see when I go traveling is the places that connects me to my religion, the one that connects me to GOD. So discovering on that day that Q Park has a prayer room that is created to be a mirror of the original House of the Mother Mary which is found somewhere in Turkey I got really excited because as we all know this rooms very architectural and the design is amazing. Continue reading “Replica”

Q Park’s Chapel

When we arrive at the Q Park and looked at the map, we couldn’t decide where to go first so we opted for the nearest site we can go to which is the chapel. It was just a few walks away and the weather that time was very hot so when we arrived we were very thankful cause the place was so “mahangin” and it was also an open area. Continue reading “Q Park’s Chapel”