Into the Clouds

Everyone dreams of being able to fly or as the modern day thing, ride an airplane 🛫 just to experience being on the sky and flying without falling down and breaking our bones just because we don’t have wings. Continue reading “Into the Clouds”

The Day I Purchased My First Ever Airline Ticket

So guys, this post was supposed to be about my whole first airplane ride experience but as I started to write what happened from the very start, I did not notice that it has gotten very long already (until I looked at the whole post) because I wanted to write every single detail that happened before, during and after that event. To not waste your time reading my not so very enjoyable story, I decided to cut it short or shall I put it simply I made a part 1 and part 2 of it. The first part is about my experience purchasing my first airline ticket and what happened the days before that. Continue reading “The Day I Purchased My First Ever Airline Ticket”

New Year! New Resolutions!

📍 NYE, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Ahhh! It’s that time of the year again when our teachers would ask us to write in a 1 whole sheet of paper (even asking the teacher again if it is 1/2 sheet of paper 😂😂😂) our resolutions and expectations for this year. But now that I’m no longer a student, I’m not oblige to do so but I guess all those yearly writings got on me and now I’m writing my very first New Year’s resolution on my own accord and not forced and graded by the teacher hahaha. Continue reading “New Year! New Resolutions!”

Wanderlust Inspiration

After graduation, I’ve decided to always look at the people who inspire me to build and chase my dreams everyday. When I mean everyday, I lot a little of my time to visit their blog, their youtube channel or read their books before I plan my dreams to become reality. I make it everyday because to achieve your dreams you just can’t take a big leap or shortcut you have to take those dreams step by step until you reach that thing that you’ve always wanted. And to savor the moment may it sweet or bitter because every experience is different from the last one. Of course, this inspirations would have different categories and purposes of where in the field of my dreams they inspire me. Continue reading “Wanderlust Inspiration”