Quest Hotel’s Breakfast Buffet

📍 Quest Hotel and Conference Center – Cebu, Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City, Cebu

📆  11.18.2016

I’m not gonna deny this but I’m always up for free stuff especially free food. So whenever our boss is in the country, our team would always look forward to the free food may it be breakfast, lunch or dinner or snacks tehehe. What’s more exciting is we get to eat food from hotel buffets and restaurants that we would never thought of stepping inside unless we are out of our mind and spend so much money on food that we would go poor before the next paycheck comes. Continue reading “Quest Hotel’s Breakfast Buffet”

Coffee Prince | A.S. Fortuna

🚏 999 A. S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines 6014

Ever since my first cafe experience in Cafe Namoo (soon on the blog), I’ve been so obsessed with cafes that I made a bucket list to try every single cafe here in Cebu. I would include one cafe to try every weekend if my budget is within reach. I mean who wouldn’t be obsessed to splurge on cafes when you can be surrounded with cute and comfortable place, delicious food and drinks, a serene environment where you can just relax and be on ‘tambay’ mode and work too since they have free wifi. It’s a plus if the place is instagrammable. Continue reading “Coffee Prince | A.S. Fortuna”

Smokin’ Avalanche

When I saw a video about an ice cream shop with smoking food (and yes, I thought that the ice cream was also smoking but I was wrong) I immediately researched about the place and included it in my #ThousandJourneyCebu (blogpost coming up) bucketlist! We went there with my bf and little sister after a trip to the temple of love (blogpost also coming up) because we were hungry and we need energizers. So from JY Square we rode a jeep going to Colon that passes over Fuente Osmeña since the place is located there. Continue reading “Smokin’ Avalanche”

First Date

Since it’s almost Christmas, the time of gift giving and sharing and since for me everyday is gift giving and sharing here is what I did on our first dinner date using my own money (well not really money but a GC I won) with my grandmother. Continue reading “First Date”