Firsts, as what I titled this post because everything that will follow are a first in my 20 years of living on earth. Honestly, this is not over exaggeration, I’ve never purchased or shop clothes online, won a contest from one of the biggest fashion brand right now and be one of their VIP, dress up minus the make up and walk in a red carpet with all this big people like celebrities and known people in the fashion industry. Not just those but I’ve never meet my favorite people online until this event. So yeah, in just one event all this firsts happened for the first time (hahaha, am I too redundant???). Thank you Lord! and thank you H&M Cebu, Philippines! <3

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I know you guys know all ready that quote, but I want to start my first post in my new blog with that to remind myself that change can’t be avoided no matter what you do even if your the richest person in the world.

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