Coffee Prince | A.S. Fortuna

🚏 999 A. S. Fortuna St., Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines 6014

Ever since my first cafe experience in Cafe Namoo (soon on the blog), I’ve been so obsessed with cafes that I made a bucket list to try every single cafe here in Cebu. I would include one cafe to try every weekend if my budget is within reach. I mean who wouldn’t be obsessed to splurge on cafes when you can be surrounded with cute and comfortable place, delicious food and drinks, a serene environment where you can just relax and be on ‘tambay’ mode and work too since they have free wifi. It’s a plus if the place is instagrammable. Continue reading “Coffee Prince | A.S. Fortuna”

A Visit to One of the Oldest Church in Town

🚏 B.M. Dimataga St, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines 6015

Last July 10, 2016, my family and I decided to visit the Parish of the Virgen Dela Regla the home of the Blessed Virgin of the Rule/ Virgen Dela Regla. The last time we went there was when I was in elementary since my grandfather would make it appoint to come here in Cebu once a year and of course part of the trip were visiting churches. And for the 3 years that I started living here, I’ve never got the chance to visit the church and pay respect to the Lady of the Rule. So my visit last month would be a first after a very long time. Continue reading “A Visit to One of the Oldest Church in Town”

Bantayan sa Hari Liloan

🚏 Brgy. Catarman, Liloan, Cebu, Philippines 6002

Like many other first time visitor of Bantayan sa Hari, I also thought that it is the lighthouse built by the Spaniards and was replaced by the Americans which is now the Bagacay Point that I blogged before this (read here) but I was wrong. I mean who can blame us, we don’t know plus the structure itself looks like a lighthouse that has been destroyed by a big storm. Because of it’s looks now many have dubbed it “the forgotten historical treasure of Liloan” and it’s located near the Parola/Bagacay Point Lighthouse no wonder the people (including me) mistakes it as the original lighthouse from the Spanish era.

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Bagacay Point Liloan

🚏 Brgy. Catarman, Liloan, Cebu, Philippines 6002

When you watch a movie about a love story set in the olden times, there is always a scene where in they are at a lighthouse having a picnic at the top of the lighthouse or around the area where the lighthouse stood while giving each other words of love. Finding out that there was a nearby lighthouse near us that stood for a century I got curious(as I always do) as to what it looks like. After mentioning this planned visit to my grandma, she started reminiscing about the past and told us how her sisters would be brought there by their boyfriends for a date and that she would sometimes be tagged along to make as an excuse to their parents so as to not find out that they would go there just to have a date and sometimes attend the fiesta held there annually. To really know why lighthouse is the popular dating site in the old times, my sister and I went there right away.

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Smokin’ Avalanche

When I saw a video about an ice cream shop with smoking food (and yes, I thought that the ice cream was also smoking but I was wrong) I immediately researched about the place and included it in my #ThousandJourneyCebu (blogpost coming up) bucketlist! We went there with my bf and little sister after a trip to the temple of love (blogpost also coming up) because we were hungry and we need energizers. So from JY Square we rode a jeep going to Colon that passes over Fuente Osmeña since the place is located there. Continue reading “Smokin’ Avalanche”