My Bon Odori: Japanese Summer Festival ’16 Experience

There is a saying that not all things go according to plan. Just like my plan last week (May 27-28, 2017) to attend the yearly Bon Odori: A Japanese Summer Festival in Cebu but because of personal circumstances I was not able to attend the event that I have been looking forward to attend. So yeah, it sucks and so annoying. Continue reading “My Bon Odori: Japanese Summer Festival ’16 Experience”

Bon Odori: Japanese Summer Festival 2016 Vlog

Bon Odori 2017 is just around the corner, yeeey!!! Exactly 5 days from now, the yearly Japanese summer festival here in Cebu kicks off for the 4th time. If you don’t know anything about this festivity, I’ll be sharing with you soon full details and what to expect from that two day event. For now, I will briefly discuss for you so you have a little idea about what Bon Odori is before you start watching my vlog from last year. Continue reading “Bon Odori: Japanese Summer Festival 2016 Vlog”

Quest Hotel’s Breakfast Buffet

📍 Quest Hotel and Conference Center – Cebu, Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City, Cebu

📆  11.18.2016

I’m not gonna deny this but I’m always up for free stuff especially free food. So whenever our boss is in the country, our team would always look forward to the free food may it be breakfast, lunch or dinner or snacks tehehe. What’s more exciting is we get to eat food from hotel buffets and restaurants that we would never thought of stepping inside unless we are out of our mind and spend so much money on food that we would go poor before the next paycheck comes. Continue reading “Quest Hotel’s Breakfast Buffet”

Smokin’ Avalanche

When I saw a video about an ice cream shop with smoking food (and yes, I thought that the ice cream was also smoking but I was wrong) I immediately researched about the place and included it in my #ThousandJourneyCebu (blogpost coming up) bucketlist! We went there with my bf and little sister after a trip to the temple of love (blogpost also coming up) because we were hungry and we need energizers. So from JY Square we rode a jeep going to Colon that passes over Fuente Osmeña since the place is located there. Continue reading “Smokin’ Avalanche”

Summer Bummer

🚏 Pajac-Maribago Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines 6015

Summer is almost here, actually it is already here with the temperature outside which reached almost 32 degrees and that is already freakin’ hot. Going outside always gave me a feeling of wanting to jump off into the sea or water and just stay there. And did you notice that even though it’s still 7:30 in the morning the sun is already on it’s highest peak talk about climate change (tsssk) . You can already feel the intensity of the sun burning your skin and tanning them though you’re just walking on the street and not on the beach. Continue reading “Summer Bummer”