Into the Clouds

Everyone dreams of being able to fly or as the modern day thing, ride an airplane 🛫 just to experience being on the sky and flying without falling down and breaking our bones just because we don’t have wings. Continue reading “Into the Clouds”

Sogod Falls & Hilongos Church

On our last day in Leyte, we trekked one of the mountains of Sogod to reach Manubsuab Falls and spent the remaining hours before the ship departs by exploring the town of Hilongos and it’s 400 year church bell tower.

Continue reading “Sogod Falls & Hilongos Church”

Roadtrippin’ & Swimming in Sogod

Video of our Day 2 trip to Southern Leyte last September of 2016, where we spent the day roadtripping Sogod, climbing trees and eating rambutan, and more swimming on Neguilan Mountain Resort (more about this awesome resort on the blog soon!) Continue reading “Roadtrippin’ & Swimming in Sogod”

How My 8 Days in Singapore Went

📍 Singapore 🇸🇬

Finally!!! My video is done, da-done! **all smiles here 😄. After two months of edit-stop-forgot-remember-edit and vice versa routine, I finally arrived at the end. Well not really the end as this video is only a look at how my 8 days in Singapore went by. I’m gonna make a separate video/vlog for each day to really see what I have been up to. Continue reading “How My 8 Days in Singapore Went”

The Day I Purchased My First Ever Airline Ticket

So guys, this post was supposed to be about my whole first airplane ride experience but as I started to write what happened from the very start, I did not notice that it has gotten very long already (until I looked at the whole post) because I wanted to write every single detail that happened before, during and after that event. To not waste your time reading my not so very enjoyable story, I decided to cut it short or shall I put it simply I made a part 1 and part 2 of it. The first part is about my experience purchasing my first airline ticket and what happened the days before that. Continue reading “The Day I Purchased My First Ever Airline Ticket”