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Hi there, I’m Marj.If you have been my reader from my first blog iammarj25.wordpress.com, or if your a friend or a family or somebody who just know me, then you already know who I am. If you don’t, then read along.

Marj is short for Marjorie. I’m a student and a scholar from Cebu City, Philippines but in truth I’m an NPA (No Permanent Address) you’ll know why if you follow my blog. If I describe myself in one word it would be “weird” because I don’t like doing things that normal people do especially people of my age. I like to do things in my own pace, I’m not good with socializing with other people you can see it in my Facebook account cause I don’t add or accept people whom I don’t know in real life. I suck at sports but I’ve always wanted to be an ice skater, a ballet dancer or try gymnastics but since we can’t afford it I just dreamed of it since dreaming does not cost you a lot just your energy and time hahaha.

I want to be a lot of things and now that I’m old enough I want those dreams of mine to come true except those that no longer apply but better late than never as what the old saying says so I guess I’ll try them all. That’s why I created this blog, to document all of those things, to save every second and every minute, every hour, every feeling I felt during those times. I want to savor every moment of my life. Life is so short so why not live it, I may be poor but there’s no rule that I can’t do all those things with perseverance and hard work.

So in short, this blog will be my online diary where I save all my everyday happenings, general thoughts, first times, achievements and everything in between. ‘Tis where I save my history so as I won’t forget about it cause I’m a very forgetful person hahahaha 😀 . My hobbies and favorites are reading books, pigging out, shopping, taking photos of random stuff and random people and traveling just about anywhere so expect my blogpost to be all about them.

My MOTTO ever since I was small was and until now is . . .


And now that I’m old enough. I associated it with …..



So live your dream guys 🙂 FIGHTING!!!!!

loads of love,


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