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See you soon~ Taiwan!

My journey towards the land of Meteor Garden; months before my trip and all the dramas circulation the VISA-FREE implementation, my private life and how I reacted or felt towards it.

May 5, 2017

So yeah, I just spontaneously booked myself and my grandma a trip to Taiwan after hearing the news that it would be visa-free starting June 1, 2017 to July 18, 2018 for trial basis only and because of the seat sale from Cebu Pacific. Now who would let this chance slip to go to another country that just offered you a not permanent visa free entry because after one year they might remove it or they will permanently gave Filipinos visa free access to their country. The chances for a travel to Taiwan next year or the future is 50-50 and if they will not continue their visa free access next year we will have to shelve additional money from our pockets for the payment to get a visa and it would not even be sure if they will approve your visa or not. So I have a strong feeling that this year until July 18 of next year is the bestest time to visit Taiwan and indulge ourselves with their culture and delicious food. Though I’m quite skeptical myself if the news is true or they might ask for further requirements to attain a visa free entry this June as they did not explain further on their statement on their website (if you wanna read Taiwan’s official statement, you can read it here) but we have to really think positive and wait ’til June comes before we start gathering those requirements (if there are one) and hear the reviews of those who visited with no visa. Well I have to do that since my flight to Taiwan is 8 months from now. Even though it is still far my excitement mixed with anxiousness and a little worry is over the moon. Aside from being skeptical with the no visa entry, I or we have the immigration officer to be worried about because as I have said on my post regarding my IO experience before my flight I researched about how to not be offloaded and there were some feedback that they were offloaded even though they are qualified to fly, meaning have the money to travel. Also who would want to let a seat sale pass where you get to fly outside the country without breaking the budget I mean paying not more than 3K per person; now who in the world would miss that! Me???I would not miss that! Yes, I really want to celebrate my birthday in HK but if you really wanna travel the whole world, you should always be flexible in your destination depending on your budget, epsecially if you wanna travel on a budget always.

Update: May 28, 2017

So last week, the news about Taiwan Tourism Department moving the date for the visa free entry for filipinos to september isntead of june. They also stated that furyhere announcement regarding vida free entry will be announced on spetembere or a later appropriate date. Those news got me a bit worried because they might not proceed with the visa free entry TT But if worse comes to worse i still have 3 months before our scheduled flight so i have ample time to prepare for docs anf koney for the visa. But thinking back from the fay i purchasde my ticket, i wanted to get the july or september seat sale that i found but when i tried booking it, it gives me error and i have to chooses another date. I guess fate already predicted eveything and that this might happen thats why the only seat sale i was able to book was for december. Im honna think it this eay that God teally wants me to be able to gi to taiwan and experience what the counteyhas to offer thats why he only allowed december to be bookable. #thinkpositivealways

Taiwan is a country that just recently opened up to the world and giving better access by lossening up it’s visa requirements or giving visa free entry to it’s neighboring countries including our country, Philippines.

After a lot of research I’ve round up the things that I wanna do once I’m in Taiwan. If you want you can do this too, then we can share our experiences and give tips to each other.

  • National Palace Museum
  • Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial
  • Longshan Temple
  • Taipei 101
  • Elephant Mountain
  • Si Si Nan Cun (44 South Village)
  • Huashan 1914 Creative Park
  • Treasure Hill Artist Village
  • The Red House
  • Taipei Zoo
  • Maokong Gondola
  • Maokong village
  • Shilin Night Market
  • Ningxia Night Market
  • Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall
  • XingTian Temple
  • Shida Night Market
  • Ximending
  • Yangming Mountain National Park
  • Yong Kang Street

October 17, 2017

FINALLY!!!! TAIWAN IS VISA FREE!!! YEHEEEY!!! My most waited announcement is here, actually it was yesterday but it just completely sunk in today. I can finally finalize everything from what to bring, what to wear, where to go, what to eat and more! My worries is finally eased, now unto booking that hotel accommodation and printing all documents that the immigration officer may ask. See you soon Taiwan and see you there everybody!

For more information regarding the visa free implementation of Taiwan for Filipinos, click this link http://www.roc-taiwan.org/ph_en/post/2941.html

November 17, 2017

It was announced on the last week of October that the official date for the start of VISA-FREE is on November 1, 2017. I’m so so glad that I booked my ticket on December, that means I only got 18 days before my departure to Taiwan. But as of last week, so many obstacles came my way and I still have right now that is making me skeptical to proceed with my trip. I don’t know why this is happening, maybe GOD wants me to experience this so I could learn how to handle this type of problems in the future but I hope I don’t encounter this problems anymore. I had anxiety and depression attacks when this month started and I know it is my birth month why could this be happening to me ugh –insert facepalm emoji– and I’m still recovering so this problems are not helping at all (when was problems helpful anyway tsss). I’ve already bought the things that I need for my trip (and a video haul is coming your way folks watch out for it ~wink*) and I won a tour for one so I’m gonna bought one for my Grandma. I’ve decided to make a raw vlog for this trip and upload and update my blog realtime if possible so the Singapore saga and other trips from last last year (yep I have lots of backlogs ohlalala -_-) will have to be stop for a while. I will update this post again if I have everything sorted out and prepared (meaning printing all the docs needed to avoid being offloaded — gaaahh just typing this word is making me feel worried huhuhu) and also once all my problems for this trip are solved. And oh, I will publish this before my trip so I can have a photo attach to this blogpost.

December 5, 2017 ~ Update

Today is the day that I am finally flying to Taiwan!!! Right now we are currently waiting for boarding but before we got here of course we encountered so many dramas. My goodness, there’s more drama in the airport than on TV *facepalm~. But anyway, I can finally say SEE YOU SOON TAIWAN!!! **insert glass-breaking scream hahaha. Be posted as I will be posting daily (I hope) about my Taiwan trip so it won’t be bahaw or forgotten like my Singapore trip; you can do that by subscribing to my blog 🙂

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