LASALLE College of the Arts

On our way to Kampong Glam, we spotted this school across the street. The name of the school caught my eyes because it says La Salle Art School, then I started to wonder if it is connected to the La Salle here in PH. Since our feet was already very tired from walking around Little India we decided to cross the street and check out the place and have a little relaxing time while we eat our lunch/snack since we could see even from afar that there is a wide lawn in front with shades to hide from the sun. As we got closer, one of the things I noticed was there was no gate in front of the school and that people can pass by in front of the school buildings unlike here in the PH, our school is well guarded and no outsiders allowed if there is no ID or valid reason to get inside. When we got in front of the building, I was taken aback at how artsy their school building was. The structure inside looks like the outside of a honeybee, the walls are glass and not tinted and all are covered with words of motivation and art related ones. People can go in and out wether your a student or an outsider but I think if you’re not a student you can’t enter their classrooms but that won’t be a problem since the walls are made of glass, you can see what the insides look like. If you wanna be an art student I think this school would be perfect as it’s brimming with inspiration from everywhere around and within the school area. I may not be an art student but I have good eyes for art and stuff like that. The school really is a masterpiece smacked right in the middle of a busy environment. The photos I’ve taken does not do justice at all since I took them very hurriedly afraid that my phone will die out sooner before we even get to our next destination.

If ever you’re in SG add this to your list of places to check out, You’ll find out this place is perfect for IG and OOTD backdrops. Enough with the talking, I’ll let the photos do that now 😄


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