Plane From Busan: An MCIA Halloween Special

The zombies from Train to Busan has now invaded Korean Airport and some of the infested zombies had taken a flight from Korea to Cebu to further spread their race. Presenting Train to Busan Part II: Plane From Busan. Location: Mactan International Airport. Mission: Infect the Cebuanos and Foreigners arriving in Cebu with the Z virus.

OMG???!! Is this real. Hahahaha nope, just my imagination but really Halloween is so much special this year and there’s a lot of really cool activities and shows popping up like Stranger Things and Cebu’s very own version of Train to Busan only that it’s in the Airport. They launch this activity last Oct. 28, 2017 which is practically the start of Halloween week or days and luckily I stumbled upon the invitation for bloggers and vloggers to attend the launching event. Because I want my weekend to be extra special and I’ve alwasy wanted to experience a fake zombie apocalypse, I decided to get myself an invitation and that’s how my first blogger/vlogger event that I attended not as an audience but a blogger/vlogger.

So now I will,narrate what happened but if you’re tired of reading my blog, please watch out for my vlog but if you don’t want to see my face or hear my voice then proceed reading.

Meet-up place was at the main entrance of Metro Ayala and I was very glad I wasn’t late for my very first ever event as a blogger/vlogger, hoooh hahaha. When I arrived, I met the person who posted about the event Ms. Fleire (and oh, we have the same last name hahaha), thank you Ms! Then meet the other bloggers/vloggers and that’s when I learned Jomie Hospital will also be with us, OMG!!!! Talk about being starstruck, speechless and shy that I wasn’t able to ask him to talk in my vlog and just ask a picture of him at the end of the event but I guess it’s okay at least I saw with my own too eyes the BTS of his future vlog which I hope that besag shadow nman lang na ko or tingog na include sa iyang video HAHAHA.

Squad for the day ☺☺☺

Once complete, a shuttle transported us from Metro Ayala to Mactan International Airport which hosted this event to have their passengers a Happy Halloween and to test if this kind of event will be successful so they can have reference or know what to do during Christmas and other special Holidays or for the next Halloween. Though I’m not sure if non-passengers can go inside (sorry 😣) and experience it but one sure way to do so is to fly out of the city or country to set foot inside the airport hahah. After arriving we went directly to the airport security office to get our passes and some drama happened watch out for the vlog to know what happened (now you have an excuse to see and hear my fugly voice hahaha #sorrynotsorry).

After all those drama, we then proceeded to have our lunch at one of the airports super duper expensive resto. Honestly, the prices of their food there is so dollars and their service was bad #justsaying, though the food was good. What happened why I said the service was bad was that the food in our side arrived so late and they don’t keep track of the orders and gave us food that was not our order. Disclaimer, I am not complaining since the food was free but I just want you to know Cafe Cesario if you’re reading this or one of your employees do read this please please improve your service so there won’t be unhappy passengers in the future (though we were not passengers, just giving you good advice #peace #nohate #justlove).


 When the meal was over, we then headed to the Arrivals where the Zombies are waiting. Kapoy nag type of what happened so watch my vlog nalang guys hahaha #freelait. I’m just gonna let the photos talk now (if they could).

Jomie Hospital in action 🎬

Before heading home, we were invited to Gate/Lounge 26 where the zombies were having their lunch and retouch and got ourselves some goodies (THANK YOU VERY MUCH MCIA!!!LOVELOVE) and a free tour well not really a tour but a closer glimpse of the Terminal 2 and I must say the future of this Terminal is looking pretty good. Just look at the photos even if it’s not yet finish but it already shows what it might look like, grand.

That’s it for this event…my first event. I was so tired on my way home because I only slept for 4 or 5 hours because I finished the whole season 2 of Stranger Things resulting to me going home at 1 AM.

That’s a wrap!!! 😅

Highlight of the day!!! 😊

And what I can say for this experience is that it’s fun. It’s fun because I got to meet new and famous people that I only get to see and lurk in the internet. I’m not sure if I made friends because I am a very shy person, I don’t know how to open up a topic or converse with people that I just meet that day specially if it’s my LODI (Jomieeeee!!! hahaha). I get nervous and my palms sweaty resulting in being too consious to shake hands and introduce myself. Now introduction is one of the situations I hate the most just because I’m shy. I know it’s not just me and sometimes this attitude or behaviour is a bad thing because others may misintepret it as being snob, maldita or you being non friendly and making them feel uncomfortable when their with you. So I guess this event is a wake up call for me to go out of my shell or comfort zone and meet new people and make new connections to the world. One of the good things though that happened to me during the event is that me being very shy and too concious is also one of the things that is stopping me from vlogging and talking more infront of the cameras but during the event since I was sorrounded with people doing the sam ething that I have always wanted to do, my shy attitude an dconscoius behavipur disappeared and it made me talking in my vlog comfortable and I surprisingly enjoyed it Iguess that’s why I have this feeling that i really wanna do vlogging. That’s t for the events lesson, I hope you learned too even just a little about my experience. Thank you for reading and see you next blogpost!

Oooh, before I end this blog, just wanna share with you my OOTD for this event, it’s actually ukay2 except for the shoes, bag and cap hehehe.

‘Till the next blogpost! – Marj ♥♥♥

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