The Things I love About Little India

And….I’m back you guys! Sorry for the long wait if there is a wait happening hahahah (talking to myself feeling embarrassed, ugh #sadlyp). Anyway, enjoy this photo heavy blogpost…!

Sharing with you guys the remaining “best” photos I have taken in Little India from the thousands of photos I have chosen to show on the blog before I share my top picks of places to visit in Little India. So this photos I have taken are of the local and their color coded buildings and stores and showing the community’s daily life and some tourists including me self and more. With this post, I will share with you all the things I love about Little India and why I will definitely comeback sooner than later I hope.

  1. The main tourist spots are just walking distance. As a tourist or traveler, you have an itinerary to follow and time is very precious so you really have to make the most of your time and of where you are and if tourist spots are far from each other it will really be a bummer if you have to go and you have not done exploring yet. But Little India makes it so easy, and while walking you get to see a glimpse of the communities daily life and their beautiful color coded stores and buildings. Also the tourist spots are so easy to find
  2. Their buildings. Again, their buildings are so cute and instagrammable.
  3. The traditional clothes. Indians walking around in their traditional clothes makes me feel like I’m in India and not in Singapore even hough I have not been to India seeing them wear those clothes that I only see on Bollywood movies is a one of my bucketlist
  4. The environment. My gosh, the place is so so so clean even though there are hundreds of people passing by and stopping to take pictures, eat, and do their thing.
  5. They don’t care, in a good way. Unlike us Filipinos who would sometimes laugh at foreigners taking pcitures of everything and anything and doing weird poses, do lots of selfies, in Little India or in Singapore, they really don’t care, no matter what you do, they don’t even care if you dance like an idoit in teh middle of the streets, they will not even give you a glance, in Wil Dasovich’s term DGAF pa more HAHAHAHA

Plus point is the Mustafa 24 hour store that has everything from clothing, foods, souvenirs, shoes, pharmacy and money changer.

So those are the six five things I love from Little India, though I love everything there except the smell of curry powder that they mostly use on food. Now here are the things that I have missed to visit because there was no more time (actually we have a lot of time in our hands since it was only our first full day but my grandmama got bruised and our other days are already full pack so yeah, will definitely comeback).

  1. The Food. First of all the food, I was only able to try one dish and we did not like it, sorry but i read online that there are delicious resto in little india and because we lack time and we brought our baon we did not go in any of them plus we’re saving on money. the resto or food hubs are: – Tekka Centre, The Banana Leaf Apolo, Breton Restaurant Bar, etc. . If you are going to Singapore and visit one of them comment down below of what you think. Thank you!
  2. Visit the number one temple which is also the number one tourist spot in Little India, The Temple of a Thousand Lights – address: The Temple of a Thousand Lights, 366 Race Course Rd, Singapore, +65 6294 0714 

Looking at the list, I guess we have covered almost all of Little India but we may never know I might stumble upon something new when I go back 😉

That’s it for Little India of Singapore, watch out for my first vlog of this trip, it’s coming out soon. While waiting, you can watch the highlights of this trip below. Subscribe to my channel HERE to get notified when I will upload my videos. If you liked this video below give it a thumbs up and leave some love on the comment section below 👇  Bye! and see you next v/blog 😄

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