The Colorful House of Tan Teng Niah

📍 37 Kerbau Rd, Little India, Singapore 219168

Before I start sharing with you guys, our next stop in Little India, I just wanna say sorry for not sticking to my updates and such. My life is pretty crazy right now even though I don’t seem to think that that is because I’m pretty laid back and blogging is only a hobby for me and it’s not my work. I know no one is reading this and I’m saying sorry to a ghost but I don’t care, I’m saying this not just for you who will stumble upon this post or my blog but also for myself and my future self to realize that I should not be lazing around all the time because opportunity may just be around the corner but won’t bite you and it will just pass by because of your or my laziness. So I say to you all, don’t be lazy, will you can but don’t make it as an everyday routine. But really, I’m sorry for not following schedule. If you don’t get it, then read on!

The last stop to our Little India adventure was the House of Tan Teng Niah, dubbed as the most colorful building in all of Singapore and is located at the heart of Little India. 

Fun fact, this heritage site is actually not Indian. It is owned by a Chinese businessman named Tan Teng Niah who became very successful and built this villa for his wife in 1900. Now it remains as the only Chinese villa standing in the history of Singapore. Also, it was not as colorful as it is now so if ever you’re in the area be sure to drop by as this building will really amaze you, my photos does not even give justice at all. I will surely comeback here when I go back to Singapore.

My grandma looking like a Muslim under Singapore’s heat while wearing her shawl to protect her.


Getting lost amidst the crowd effect hahah!

‘Til the next post guys, ciao!

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  1. Those are cool colorful building. Oh and the first paragraph, i pretty feel the same too! I just have to go back to my senses and blog again because it’s just nice to educate people about life…

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