My Bon Odori: Japanese Summer Festival ’16 Experience

There is a saying that not all things go according to plan. Just like my plan last week (May 27-28, 2017) to attend the yearly Bon Odori: A Japanese Summer Festival in Cebu but because of personal circumstances I was not able to attend the event that I have been looking forward to attend. So yeah, it sucks and so annoying. Now all I can do is reminisce my first Bon Odori while rewriting this post because this was supposed to come out 3 days before Bon Odori after the video of my Bon Odori experience was posted but got caught up with lost of work and laziness that it did not push through. So this post is somewhat like a lesson/realization that really not all things go according to plan especially the ones that you’ve always looked forward to and planned and other stuff that you do when you get to hyped up and excited. Before this intro becomes too long and full of regrets, I’m gonna start throwing it back to last year, August 13, 2017 to be exact. Also, this will be a photo heavy post so, please bare with me because I really wanna share everything.

Watch my vlog here: Bon Odori: Japanese Summer Festival 2016 Vlog


So as I have described briefly on my Bon Odori vlog post here(video link)…Bon Odori is a yearly, two day Japanese summer festival here in Cebu and yes it’s the same as the one in Japan because the organizers which of course the Japanese community here in Cebu/PH wants to celebrate their culture even if they are far away from home and they also want us Cebuanos and other Filipino people what a summer festival is in Japan like. Packed with lots of Japanese stuff, ranging from Anime objects, clothes, book and others, the event goers can enjoy and buy those stuff. I was only able to take a home a Minnie Mouse headband because the dog ears was already sold out. This year I was planning to buy that dog ears. I only attended the second day of the event since last year it was Friday-Saturday and I had work on Friday. This year, they made it to Saturday and Sunday. They also made this event early since the event usually was in August but because of the bipolar weather in August they moved it to May which is also perfect since May is the summertime here in PH.

To make the experience more legit, there was a booth were we can rent a Yukata where you can wear throughout the event and if you don’t like to walk around a Yukata because its hot or whatever reason you have, you can opt to take a picture wearing the Yukata and have the printed photo right away. We opted to take the latter as the weather was quite hot and I was wearing long sleeve. And because we want to enjoy the festival without hassle. If we were able to attend last weekend, I would have chosen to wear the Yukata for the entire time of the event and then cosplay on the second day boohuhuhuh. There were volunteers who helped us wear the Yukata so if that is what hindering you from wearing a very kawaii traditional cloth because you don’t know how to put them on yourself. Don’t worry the booth owner has lots of workers, trained to put the Yukata on you.

Event goers can also be in cosplay if they want to or wear their personal Yukata if they have. And of course Japanese festivities would be incomplete without their yummy Japanese food, from ramen, yakisoba, to yakitori, sweetened apple and a lot more. I really wanna eat all the food my eyes can set on but I did not bring lots of cash with me and I don’t wanna have a grumpy stomach in the middle of festivities and also the portaloo they have smelled really bad #justsaying. Because of money constraint I was only able to buy the sweetened apple which was a struggle to bite into because the red covering was so sticky and hard huhuh TT. I also bought yakisoba, ramen and this chicken I forgot the name. I was looking for the choco banana but I was not able to locate the stall that sells them huhuhuh.

When the sun was still up, a band or a Japanese singer who sings Filipino and English songs entertains in the stage and on break there was the (name of smashing rice) with Japanese men in Fundoshi doing a demo and anyone can join and participate in smashing the sticky rice. Honestly, I wanna try that too but I was too shy hahaha. At night the different contest starts, from karaoke contest wherein contestants sings their chosen Anime or Japanese songs, the Yukata contest which I failed to join this year (maybe next year), and the cosplay contest (which I also wanna join but no confident huhuhuh) after those contests and awarding, a presentation from different groups comes up on stage and perform. And after their performance the most awaited part by the joiners, the Bon Odori dance where everyone can join and dance while circling the temple like in the middle (click here [Bon Odori: Japanese Summer Festival 2016 Vlog] to watch the video so you’ll know what I mean).

The entrance fee was PHP20.00 and the venue was Sugbu Grounds, SRP. There were also free shuttle/bus ride.

For more info regarding Bon Odori, you can visit their FB page (link below) and FB event page (link below) to be more updated with next years.

FB Page: Japanese Association BonOdori

Click here for FB Page Event

You can watch my vlog here: Bon Odori: Japanese Summer Festival 2016 Vlog

See you on Bon Odori 2018, guys! Let’s definitely be there ☺

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