Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, Little India, Singapore

On this blogpost, I will be sharing to you guys all about Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple, the second on our list of tourist spots to visit and one of the most popular temple in Little India. This place is full packed with tourist everyday, taking pictures and selfies that is why it was so hard to take a full picture of this temple without photobombers popping everywhere unlike the first temple we visited where it was so peaceful and quiet (read more about that here: Singapore’s Sri Srinivasa Perumal Temple: A tribute to Vishnu). It was so hot that day too when we arrived at the temple. And you know what we just walked our way to this temple from the first temple since when we looked at the google map screenshot that i’ve taken, it was so close to each other. Because I did not zoom in on the map before taking a screenshot, we had too walk I think the longest walk we’ve had in years, my last was during our PE run in college were we just walked with my friends since we did not have much sleep the night before that day. Lesson learned, zoom first before screenshot hewhewhew.

Anyway, I did not feel tired at all because we were in Little India and every corner of the street was very entertaining, it was like a leisurely stroll in the park, except for my grandma who had a stomach problem first thing in the morning and got blisters on her feet so I guess it was so uncomfortable for her. And it was so bad of me to just notice it at the end of the day, I’m very sorry, this is lesson learned #2 for that day.

I don’t know the reason as to why the temple gates were close that day or ing ato ra jud to sya nga no tourist allowed inside the temple but the gates were adorned with Sampaguita bracelets like the ones they sell here in PH outside the churches. The Sampaguita’s smell was as usual absolute kaya nga ginawang national flower ng Pilipinas eh (see this part on my travel vlog: How My 8 Days in Singapore Went). The outsides of the temple were full with tourist flocking around to take pictures of the temple or with the temple and the others who have less space and in a hurry had retained to taking a selfie instead. Me, I had to struggle too. I opted to take a picture on the side where the sun was so visible and no shade to hide under so no tourist will follow what I did and my photos would be photobomber free and also so as not to use flash when i take my photo because there is so much light already.

After the mini-photoshoot under the sun, we went a bit further back on the side where there were trees and found a new entrance with animal decorations and a big OOTD worthy wall. As usual the blogger in me could not resist taking photos with the IG worthy wall as a backdrop. But then again my shots turned out not so well since my tripod was small and there was no table to “patong2x”(sorry forgot the english word for that 😛) it and when I curled the stand around the tree branch it did not hold up properly since the branch is too thick and that tripod was not so great at all. Looking at it now, I think I was rubbed with my money because the price does not resemble the product. So guys, lesson #3, do not buy on a haste because you might regret it or do canvassing first before buying anything (hmmm, this lessons got me thing of a new blog topic hehehe).

Obligatory pose with the local hehehe / photobomber (I think he really wants to be in the photo hmmm)

So about this temple, according to the website that resulted on my Google search since the history/description board/sign outside the temple is not readable anymore I took a photo of it but I don’t know where I saved it, oh well.


Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple at 141,Serangoon Road is one of the oldest temples in Singapore. Built by Indian pioneers who came to work and live here the temple was the first in the serangoon area and became a focus of early Indian Social Cultural activities there.

British Colonial government . The British administration outlined settlement patterns along ethnic lines and for the Indians this marked the beginning of the development of the Serangoon Road area as an Indian sector. As the migrant population grew, “Singapore’s Little India” began to attract more Indians from the nearby Market Street and Chulia Street areas. Many of these early Indian settlers in the Serangoon Road area were involved in cattle – related activities.

Read more here/Source:


You know, their history boards made me love Singapore even more because it made travelers and tourists life so much easier without having to look it up on the internet where sometimes not all news we read is true, di ba. This country has made it to the top of my recommendations for first time traveler to travel just because it’s my first and only country I have visited so far hahahaha

That’s all for this blog post..See you on the next tourist spot, ciao!

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  1. Marj! When i was in Singapore we thought of visiting the place but got really too tired and got no time! Good thing you got this featured on your blog. They also have one in Malaysia! Nice post!!!

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for dropping by! You should visit when you come back, the place really looks amazing, my pictures don’t give it justice at all hahah. Really? I better visit when I get to Malaysia. Thanks for the tip 🙂

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