Bon Odori: Japanese Summer Festival 2016 Vlog

Bon Odori 2017 is just around the corner, yeeey!!! Exactly 5 days from now, the yearly Japanese summer festival here in Cebu kicks off for the 4th time. If you don’t know anything about this festivity, I’ll be sharing with you soon full details and what to expect from that two day event. For now, I will briefly discuss for you so you have a little idea about what Bon Odori is before you start watching my vlog from last year. So Bon Odori: Japanese Summer Festival is a yearly, two-day Japanese style summer festival that celebrates the culture of non-other than Japan injected with a little bit of Filipino culture organized by the Japanese-Cebu/Filipino community here in Cebu/PH in honor for the friendship that has been built for years. This year, they moved the date from August to May 27-28, 2017 due to abnormal weather in August. The venue is still the same at Sugbu Grounds SRP. If you have been dreaming to go to Japan and attend a summer festival just like what you see on Anime and manga, then you should attend this. It may not be the real one but at least you can enjoy and experience Japanese culture while saving up for the real thing. See you there!

That’s it for now and to spice up more your excitement if you are and if not, you should be. Here is my vlog of the said event last year. Enjoy and if you want to watch more from my travels don’t forget to hit the SUBSCRIBE button here and like the video too.


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