Quest Hotel’s Breakfast Buffet

📍 Quest Hotel and Conference Center – Cebu, Archbishop Reyes Ave, Cebu City, Cebu

📆  11.18.2016

I’m not gonna deny this but I’m always up for free stuff especially free food. So whenever our boss is in the country, our team would always look forward to the free food may it be breakfast, lunch or dinner or snacks tehehe. What’s more exciting is we get to eat food from hotel buffets and restaurants that we would never thought of stepping inside unless we are out of our mind and spend so much money on food that we would go poor before the next paycheck comes.

So today, I will be sharing to your guys our experience having breakfast at the Quest Hotel last year(exact date, see above☝). Sounds familiar right, that’s because it’s the hotel located in front of Ayala Center Cebu to be specific facing the H&M store. Just like any other hotel Quest’s buffets also has themes and I think the theme of that day was Filipino style because they have this arrozcaldo, siomai, dried fish and other stuff filipino’s eat during morning. they also have a international corners for those who’s to social to try our food just kidding they have that to cater all their customers needs even though they have themes on their food. Their international orner consist of french, japanese and korean , american breakfast. My personal fave was the breads from the french corner ahh those croissant and fruit filled bread whipped with butter on top yummy. Also we did not pass the japanese and korean section where we took lots of delicious sushi and super spicy kimchi though I did not like the taste of their sauce at it was too sweet. Ther Filipino style breakfast buffet was okay but compared to other hotel buffets of tried they need to have more selection since there was only half of the filipino breakfast food there and they soy sauce is too sweet.

*Please excuse my haggardo face, I was just so happy that I finally got a new phone that day too 😅  that I could not help myself but take selfie.**

We had this breakfast last year so I’m not really sure if they have changed their menus already but I’m giving their interiors and table setting a thumbs up, especially the sofa where we sat and ate, it made me feel at home and the lighting on the wall made it selfie worthy.

We were also given a chance to see what the rooms of the Quest hotel look like and the view was spectacular. We were so up that people below looked like ants. Unlike the hotel my aunt stayed in mabolo (read more here), there was not window to see outside there was just a big wall covered by a huge curtain. “Nagbutang pa silag curtain wa man d i gehapon bintana, tssssk”.

Anyway that’s it for Quest hotel, will be posting more of my last year’s backlogs in between my recent adventures and rants so I apologize in advance for the unorganized blog posts I will be sharing. If you wanna read without disturbance just click the category or country those series posts belong to.


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    1. Hi Steve 🙂 Thanks for visiting 🙂 Gonna visit your blog soon. I’m not sure what the Kimchi in the supermarkets taste like but I’ve tried some cup noodles with Kimchi as it’s flavor, they don’t have the same taste but the spiciness is there.Yeah, I think Kimchi’s serve on restaurants or hotel buffets are more authentic than the ones in the supermarket but if you really want to taste the original Kimchi better make a trip to South Korea where it came from 🙂

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