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📆  March 26, 2017

Still looking for a summer getaway not far from the city that won’t cost you much but still enjoy yourself frolicking under the sun soaked in water. Then Gatubod Spring Resort is just what you need! Read on to know more.

So this was how we stumbled upon this hidden treasure just 15 minutes away from home.

As the month of March was quickly approaching, I started looking for a place where I could take my grandma and my not so lil’ anymore sister for their celebration without having to get money from my savings hahah and still have enough money to give them on the day of their birthday. Since March is the month that summer will officially start, we or I decided to take them to a beach or a pool to make it our summer getaway rolled into one. So I searched and searched for a resort or a beach that is not a 2 hour drive from our place. Then I remembered the spring resort we passed by when we were on our way to visit a “mananambal” or quack doctor (will be posting of this adventure soon, so watch out for it 😉 so just type your email on the “Subscribe to my Blog” section below to be notified. Thanks!). I asked my other lola (my grandma’s sister) who lives near the spring resort about all the details regarding the resort. After careful planning (hahah budget pa more!!! 😂) and deciding to eat at our relatives house which is by the way just 2 houses away from the spring resort, convenient right 😄 very convenient, but we brought some food which is just enough for lunch for my sister and I para hindi naman masyado nakakahiya sa mga relatives ko bes which my sister just met for the very first time 😂 so it saved us a cottage fee yippeeee!!!

So the resort’s name as you’ve read in the title of this blogpost, Gatubod Spring Resort located in Basak, one of the mountain barangays of Compostela, Cebu. And the name speaks it all Gatubod (bisaya term for source of spring water) Spring, yes, the water of the pool is spring which I think has no chlorine but I’m not quite sure ky sa kadgahan na na kong na inom nga tubig sa swimming pool sa sigeg “almost” kalumos(drown) I can’t distinguish the taste anymore 😂. But the water does not hurt or irritate my so very very sensitive nose because of the strong smell of chlorine (not sure if you can smell it too but my nose can I don’t know why) just like when we were in Westown Lagoon (soon on the blog too), when we were on Coco Grove Camotes (this one on the blog too 😂 OMG, I got so many backlogs 😱) and the many other pools I’ve tried to swim but still no luck of learning how to so I guess the water there is really 75% (still not too sure) spring water. When I walked around I did not see any tank where the pool water comes from and I did not felt the sucking areas underneath the pool where the pool water comes out or goes out of the pool. Anyway I did not really care about that as long as I can enjoy the pool and not drown myself from embarrassment from drowning just because the height of the pool is over my head by 1 ft. So back to about the resort, my second lola said that the owner of this resort owns/makes lots of other resorts including Green Lagoon. This resort is also the first mountain resort in Compostela and it opened way back 2014 and I just saw it this year, my gosh, I wonder if there are other resorts aside from this in Compostela 🤔. Anyway back to the topic, there are three pools in total, well I think 2 and a half pool since the third one is so small and I just thought about it as a place to get wet before you went on and conquer their long and winding slide going to the first floor. It is just located very near the slides entrance with an OOTD-worthy backdrop stairs/fountain where water from the 2nd big pool passes by going down (see photo to understand what I mean) and there was a mushroom statue in the middle with water dropping.

The first pool is found near the entrance so when you’re on the way paying for your entrance fee (more details about this down below so read on) you can already see their biggest pool, their second pool is at the top and the third is between the second and the slide entrance(like I wrote earlier). When we arrive at the resort there was no one using this pool, all of the other people are on the second pool above, that’s why as you can see in some of my photos I was able to take a very good photo of their first pool without people swarming in to photobomb my very nice shot. And of course I was able to take a looot of solo photos (blogging duties) and swim on the 4ft area like I own the pool 😂 So the first pool has two slides and the only pool who has a slide. The slide is that orange colored in the picture below; the first one, on the left, goes to the 6ft area of the pool and the second one goes to the 5.5ft area where I almost drown myself (again!!! 😤) trying to measure if my head will still stick out since there are only 2-3 inches difference with my height and the pool area (I thought I can just tiptoe so my head will pop out of the water) but I failed and it did not happen at all. Instead my phobia of being in the water above and or neck level that I lose my breath and I would always feel like I’m being strangled because of that I had a hard time breathing properly and I could not put my voice out to call for help even though I can still put half of my head out. It was a real struggle to get myself out of there without anyone helping me as I was very far from the rope that separates 4 ft to where I was which is the 5.5 ft. Hooh, thought I was gonna die back there, thank you Lord I got myself out of there though not so safely as I was able to bring inside my system 1 gallon of pool water from all those forced shouting and trying to grab the side near the slides so I can have something to hold onto while I lodge myself out of the pool. The biggest area is 4 ft where my and my sister enjoyed swimming feeling like we have our very own pool before those ravaging kids you see on some of our pics (except for that selfie with my two sweet little cousins) and stole our peace and quiet mood. That made me even full of envy as I was seeing how well they swim the pool that is almost thrice their height and maneuver the floaties like it was the most natural thing in the world unlike me who had a different result when I tried suing them (facepalm). Instead of floating I sunk huhuhuh hirap ng buhay bes. Anyways, you will know that you reach the end of 4ft and into another ft from the rope you can see on the pics.

About the second pool, I did not get how many feet the deepest one there since I did not cross the pool and make my way unto the fountain like corner where there were people hovering the area like it’s a private one just for them tsssk. Honestly guys, don’t be like that remember we are in a public pool other people payed just like we did to get inside the resort and enjoy their amenities so we should not be hugging certain areas just because we were the first one there #justsaying. Na igo pud ko, I know that’s why I wrote the phrase above in plural including myself, well the only place I wanna hug is his back weew hehehe so cheesy now where did that come from. And now I realized we went out of track again. Going back, so yeah, when you enter the pool near the 3rd pool area the deeps is about 2 ft because that area is obviously for kids and if you move a little bit to the center the depth is now 4ft so I’m betting the depth in the middle and near the fountain is 5-6 ft not really sure so you should just check out the place now na! Tapos bumalik ka ddto sa blog at e comment mo kung mga ilang depth yung tubig. Nah just kidding hehehe.

Now, we go to the most important part of this blogpost, finally; how to get there, how much is the entrance fee and other stuff that requires payment or food related question the answer is below:


From the City: Ride a number 26(Compostela) or 27(Danao) jeepney and tell the driver to drop you off at the Compstela market which is just beside the main road. The fare as of now is from SM City Cebu/WhiteGold – Compostela: PHP 25 (same either you ride 26 or 27) to be specific.

From Compostela Market: Just approach any single motorcycle sometimes the one who is in “turno” will approach you and ask you where you’re going just tell them you are going to Gatubod in Basak they know that place since most of the drivers are from that area. Fare is at PHP 25.00

If you stop at SEA OIL in front of the crossing roads going up to the mountains of Basak, there are also motorcycle there so don’t worry. Fare I think is PHP 20.00

Basic info you NEED TO KNOW BEFORE you go to Gatubod Spring Resort.

*THERE IS NO SIGNAL THERE !!! I heard that if you call the contact no. you see below, the line would go through Green Lagoon, another beach resort in Compostela. If you call them, tell them you are going to Gatubod Spring Resort and they will be the ones to forward your messages or inquiries.

*Go there as early as 8 in the morning especially if you’re going on a weekend as the place tends to get jam packed in the afternoon so you can enjoy the pool all to yourself 😉.


Adult: PHP 60.00

Kids: PHP 30.00


Bahay Kubo Style: PHP 500.00

Table: PHP 250

They don’t have overnight stay but they have CR’s where you can change clothes, or when nature calls(so you don’t have to pee in the pool 😑. Please do not do that as the water is spring water, I’ve seen some people do that, it’s disgusting you know) and take a bath before you go home.

This place is perfect for the whole family, barkada, company outing. They also have “sugbaanan” area and karaoke/social hall right beside the second pool. You can ask the personnel roaming around for the “uling” and other stuff that you might wanna use or need.

I’m not sure if there are corkage for some food but there is an electric fee for those who wants to bring a big speaker to play some music. So the fee is PHP 30.00 per hour so I suggest you just bring a small speaker that can be charged through a powerbank and of course don’t forget to bring that or you will be paying just so you can charge your gadgets.

For more information:

You can visit their Facebook Page:

Or you can call them at

Tel. No. (032) 425-8761 / 406-6753

Mobile (63) 917 635 8261

Conclusion: I really enjoyed my day here as their pool are so big and we arrived when the place was still less crowded. I definitely recommend for you to visit here nad bring your family and friends. And of course I’m definitely gonna comeback 🙂

**PS. This is not a sponsored post. I just want people to know that there are hidden gems behind the oh so quiet town of Compostela, me homie 😉

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