Brunch in The Lion City | Part 1 of Day 1 in Singapore

📍180 Kitchener Rd, Singapore 208539

📆 12.26.2016

So today I will be sharing with you our Part 1 of our first whole day in the Lion City, Singapore 🦁.

We woke up the next morning from the sound of my alarm. I thought I made a mistake and set my alarm too early since when a taked a peak in the window if the sun’s out already but it was still a bit dark and no sun in sight so I double checked the time and it was really past 6 in the morning. I’m not sure if it rained during dawn or the sun just sets out at 7 AM there but none the less just like I was back here in PH, I went back to bed just because it was still dark outside and because the bed was so comfy that it gave me an idea of how the beds should be in my future house 😬. And anyway since it was our first morning or rather first full day in Singapore we decided to take it easy and just stroll around our neighborhood get to know the place and look for resto or fastfood chain where we can have breakfast, lunch and dinner for the whole stay.


Before I head out to take a bath, I planned to charge my phone and camera but then when I was about to plugged it in I realised that the socket was not the same as back here in PH. I got a little panicky but then I realised right away that Mustafa Centre, the 24 hour Walmart in Singapore is just a 15 minute walk from our AirBnb. What a savior!!! I hurriedly went out after I change to my inhouse clothes (note: this clothes are not for sleeping meaning pambahay clothes) and since my iPhone was lowbat we can’t get in and out because the code to the door and gate is in my phone (another mistake I made) so I left my very worried grandma inside so she can open the gate and the door to the room when I comeback.


First selfie in Singapore ☺


My walk going to Mustafa was very peaceful, there were less people around even though it was almost 7 in the morning. The inside of Mustafa was very quiet too. I proceeded to the electronic section where an Indian saleswoman was sitting. I greeted her “Good morning” and ask if they have a standard plug extension while showing my own PH version. She happily gave me one and told me where the nearest cashier was. I think the extension was 1.50 something SGD. I hurriedly went to the cashier and paid. I then went on to search for a coffee since there’s a coffeemaker in the kitchen of our AirBnb. After getting what we needed, I headed out of mustafa. On my way out, the guard thought that the extra extension plugged I was carrying was not yet paid so he asked if he could see it for a bit then realized that it’s not Singaporean plug and that it does not have a price tag to it and let me go. I was quite a bit worried there as I do not know what I would do if something went wrong. I walk away from the store with a very worried face.


I took the route I walked on my way there as it was much peaceful. When I arrive I tried to unlock the gate by trying to remember the code but still no luck. I thought I had to shout to let my grandma know that I’m back but there was no need to as she was already at the stairs waiting for me. She had a bit of trouble opening the gate as it was her first time seeing electronic locked gate. When we were back in, I prepared the coffee for my grandma and milo for myself (which we brought from PH along with some biscuits), then took a bath. After that I prepared our itinerary for the day, the snacks(mostly biscuits and candies), water and ourselves. We then headed out to the nearest mall in the neighborhood aside from Mustafa Centre which is the City Square Mall since there are a lot of resto and fastfood chain there, we decided to have our brunch there.



I was so happy to find out there is Mcdo there because I was craving for some Chicken Fillet with rice. While we were looking for Mcdo, I was able to find a bread talk there. Since I really lurve their breads, we stopped by and bought a snack for this afternoon. It took a while before I was able to choose what I want since their products are soso different from the bread talk here. In the end, I decided to get a very delicious croissant like bread and plain sliced bread for tomorrow’s breakfast. After paying for it using SGD money (can’t believe im purchasing goods in Singapore like I was just back home Ahhh!!! Still unbelievable 😆) we continued looking for Mcdo.

We found Mcdo in the basement section of the mall were other food chains are located. We went inside and grandma looked for an empty seat. I lined up excitedly as I observed the area. I noticed that they have a different process regarding their service. They have an area where you can order by self service, warning!!! no cashier to input your order but you yourself and have to pay of course by card then a number will come out that will be the serving #. It’s the same when you line up. After they take your order and pay you will be given a claiming # which will be called by the server. Also I found out they don’t have Chicken Fillet with rice or any food with rice, all servings are under burger and fries categories 😱!!! So in the end we weren’t able to have brunch with rice but still it made us full so it was ok. Plus points t0o as their style inside is very unique like a cafe. After brunch, we continued exploring the City Square Mall before we headed to our first tourist destination of the day.



Stay tuned for the rest of the Singapore Series!
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