Into the Clouds

Everyone dreams of being able to fly or as the modern day thing, ride an airplane 🛫 just to experience being on the sky and flying without falling down and breaking our bones just because we don’t have wings.

And as per usual, our first time experience will always be memorable may it be good or bad as it will leave as an impression or mark on us. Just like the saying when we meet a person for the very first time, we always say first impression lasts so our very first flight experience will always be memorable. Well, that’s what I think, I know every flight will always be memorable especially if you’re the type of person who cherished every single thing hahaha like your first receipt in another country just like me or the very first time you held your first foreign money. The first flight will always be special. As I don’t want to ever forget my first flight into the sky because we will eventually do in time just in case that happen, I will be sharing our moments in the sky with of course pictures and a few words, I mean sentences, well okay a lot of words and sentences hahahah.

A few minutes after we settled in in our new seats in the airport, we were told to board the plane, bummer hahaha. We went to line up right away since my grandmama was so excited already. We were able to get inside first with the “hot” passengers (term for VIP or first class something passengers) because I was with a senior citizen which is my grandmama. I was pretty much excited, well very excited, hah! I can’t describe what I was feeling that day. Gosh, I can still feel that mixed emotion it right now like I won the 1M lotto ahhh! Thinking about that day makes me wanna ride an airplane again right now hahahah. If only I have the money right now, I would jump to every seat sale opportunity and book that flight 😞.

Above Cebu ❣

Okay, so after we presented our tickets we walk down the lane going to the entrance of the plane. Wohooo 😆!!! We were greeted by the cabin crew as we made our way inside. The plane that we got in was small compared to what I see online where there is an economy class area and business or first class. Straight to the back we go as I choose the #25 seat when I booked our ticket online. I went directly to my seat which is the window seat, yeeeey! We put our bags down and settled in our seats. I was so giddy and kilig like a total idiot at just looking out the window. Ahhh! At that time I just wanna scream my hearts out and say out like “FINALLY!!!This is it!!!” hahahah, I felt like crying too but my grandmama might scold me if I did that so I just kept everything inside me and kept smiling like a moron . 

As the plane started its engine, the cabin crew and the pilot talked to us about who they were, then followed by the safety demonstration and other stuff. As the plane was about to take off, my heart flipped  and  it made me nervous as the plane started shaking. I thought something bad was about to happen but when i looked at the other passenger they looked alright and its like what was happening was normal. If I panicked more I would have looked like an idiot hahahaha. I calmed myself down knowing that everything would be alright and also to avoid having my grandma be more in panicked because she was practically shaking as it is her first time in a plane too. 

While the plane was going up, I noticed that there were smoke coming out above the luggage compartment. I thought something was up again but the other passengers looked okay so I thought maybe it was just temporary. But for a while it did not disappear and it kept on coming out so I made a joke with my grandma about it and she panicked more (bad me, tsssk should not have done that) and scolded me. Later I realized , it was about air pressure or something like that in short it was totally normal. But it made my fever soar high as it was very cold.

Can you spot the heart-shaped island? 😄

When the plane settled down and was flying straight, I looked out the window to see where we were already and my my the view was spectacular. Seeing the clouds, the sky and the land from up above was breathtaking I couldn’t help myself snapping a ton of photos which I have over shared right now. The view was unbelievable and it made me fall in love in a cheesy kind a way. It made me super red since I was already red because of fever just from looking down and seeing the most beautiful view I have ever seen in my whole 21 years of existence. This is not exaggeration because that was what a felt during that whole 4 hours ride to Singapore. I could not make myself fall asleep even when it started raining and me shaking due to my fever soaring high from the cold surroundings. I could not literally talk my eyes off the window. Even when it started going dark outside and I could not see anything, the view took me breathless everything about the sky, the clouds, the bird that passed by, the view of the land from up above was 👍 💯 . Even now, as I’m writing this I could still imagine what I saw on that day, this photos did not do justice at all so you should see it for yourself. People might think I’m OA because of what I felt but even if it was my first time or my second time my judgement will never ever change. I will still feel the same and more even if it is the 100th flight I’m taking.

Singapore night lights 😍

So that’s it for me, how about you? How was your first flight felt, care to share 🙂

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