My First Airport #OOTD

📍Lapu-Lapu Airport Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, 6016 Cebu (Dec. 25, 2016)

After getting my passport, buying my plane ticket, planning itineraries and packed my bags, the waiting game ’till the day of my departure started. With all the excitement and imaginative thoughts I had, I almost forgot that it would be my first time inside the departure hall of an airport.

So with much thought of what I should do and not do, I asked Google everything. From endless searching and reading I stumbled upon the word “offloaded/offloading”, the word most travelers dread so much. After reading so many stories from people who was offloaded due to a lot of reasons even though they can afford to travel, I got a bit scared because this would be my first time to travel abroad and there are some who were offloaded without any proper reason just because the IO(Immigration Officer) wants to offload them. There were some who were offloaded because they were rich and some IO(Immigration Officer) wants to hoot-hoot money from them (that’s according to what I read and saw on the news).

So just to be sure, I collected all the documents that the IO(Immigration Officer) might ask from me (will be posting about it the soonest I can :D) and followed the number one advice of all the bloggers I follow. That #1 advice which will guarantee almost 50% of the possibility of not being offloaded is to dress properly and confidently because the first things that the IO will look at after looking at your passport is your appearance. I looked for some explanation on the net about it but they also don’t know, some say that they always look at you if you look “mayaman (rich)”. It does not mean though that you have to wear designers and expensive clothes or accessories just wear those “panglakaw” clothes like the clothes you wear when you go out with friends or when you go to church. Just make yourself look presentable and can afford enough even though you plan to travel on the budget.

FYI, this advice is for those who plans to travel abroad for the first time and on a budget or not. And more FYI, I am not a fashion expert as I totally suck on that department, so I advice you to look at this fashion bloggers airport #OOTD or just their #OOTD (VernVerniece, KryzUy, LaureenUy, NicoleAnderson, CamilleCo, TriciaGosingtian) for more information, ideas or inspiration just like what I did or you can just follow what I wore. So for my very first #AOOTD (chiching 😎) I decided to get ideas from the #VV bloggers (👇) for the style and Kryz Uy for the comfort. Since I’m the type of person who does not care what I wear as long as I’m very comfortable and can move around without problems or distractions.

From top to bottom, I wore a plain gray V-neck top, a “gisi sa tuhod” or knee-cut high-waisted jeans as they call it, and since I was still sick at that time I brought a long my aunt’s hands me down and very old but still looks new thick denim jacket. I paired them with my very fave and cute lavender sling bag and a white rubber shoes. Since I’m no good with makeup, I just put on myself a plum red lippie that I had to reapply every two hours since I drank water every other minute because I was still sick and if I don’t put one I will look like a ghost and the IO(Immigration Officer) might think something negative from that. But if you’re very good with make up, just put a little to make you more alluring, I mean appealing to the IO’s eyes 😉.


Before I end this post, I will share some of my fave blogger’s airport #OOTD, that I might follow one day if I’m not too lazy, that I really love.

Beach bound in our @muybienbonita flats ❤️✈️ Tag your best friend 👯 #VVpose

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One more thing, go to the airport as early as you can and not 2 hours before flight as it will save you more time if you ever encounter any problem and it will save you the hassle of standing from a very long line in the IO section ’cause it tends to be crowded as people lined up when they flight is almost called or two hours before their flight. Trust me, come early as it will really save you time, effort, patience, and energy.

Top from Metro Ayala, jeans from H&M, bag from SM Parisian, Shoes from NIKE, Jacket from MichikoKoshino

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