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Welcome to part 2 everybody! Enjoy 🙂 (Read PART 1 here 😉)

Fast forward to December 24, 2016, the day before my flight as well as Christmas eve. I woke up early than my usual waking up time to have my nails and hair done, charooot hahaha. The December morning that day was extra cold, I initially thought but looking at the people around me while I was having my nails done by a local manicurist outside her house, they weren’t that cold and they did not feel chilly at all. Not like me who was already shivering from the small  breeze of wind around me. On my way to our gay friend’s parlor I realized that I caught a flu. AHHHHH!!!! What a misfortune on my part and on the day before my flight too. I really cried that day while Paloma (our gay friend/neighbor) put curlers in my hair. I was literally shaking while he does my hair and my head was spinning like crazy and very hot like it was about to explode but every time grandmama puts her hand in my forehead she tells me I don’t feel hot. People inside the parlor gave us advice on how to cure right away my flu because the medicine I drunk had no effect. So my grandmama did everything and as night came my fever finally subsided to the point that I can walk straight without my head hurting and spinning like crazy. We decided to go to church and attend the Christmas Eve Mass since we might not be able to go to church the next day because we planned to go to the airport early. When we arrive at the church, there were lots of people already  and they won’t fit the church anymore so they stayed outside. We positioned ourselves near the entrance of the church to be able to sit down on the floor. It was a chilly evening and a newly recovered me got sick all over again. While the mass was ongoing, I was sunk on the ground shaking like an idiot. And that’s how I got sick again. My grandmama got angry at me and told me we will not proceed with our plans for the next day. OMMMO!!!NO!!!I was really scared that our plans might not be pushed through so, I did my best to recover as quickly as possible. Sleeping was the only option I can do to heal myself.

The next day I woke up with only a slight fever, so I said, “We will proceed no matter what!”.And proceeded, we did. My fever keep coming back every time I’m inside an airconditioned area so it was really a challenge for me not to show it to Grandmama. First strike of the day, was during our jeepney ride to SM Cebu, I was glad that there was a passenger who lend me her white flower. Ahhh! it was the best feeling after having your fever, white flower was the solution. I don’t know why but I found it funny discovering that our driver was also suffering the same sickness as me but I’m glad he pushed through driving us to our destination or else we will have to find another jeepney to ride with and that’s gonna be a big problem to me being sick and having a big luggage.

Arriving at SM City Cebu, we choose to ride the Mybus bound for Airport instead of taking the taxi cause it was cost efficient and it was much more comfortable and safe. There wasn’t much people inside the bus since it was Christmas day. Halfway through our ride, my fever came back times two from the jeepney ride and I was shivering like I was in Antarctica. Grandmama scolded me again, huhuhu. Thank goodness we brought small blanket and extra jacket. I wrapped myself with them and it subsided a little. During the bus trip, I was really parched since we forgot to bring our bottled water that we prepared to bring last night. That was one of the biggest mistake we made because we found out the the small water bottle inside the airport costs x3 the price outside.OH my! We had  no choice but to buy it, huhuhuh. When we were on our way to check in there was no time to sit and relax because we still don’t know yet the process inside the airport. Asking guards and personnel really helped. 

After the super expensive water, we made our way to check in. We proceeded to the Air Asia counter, had our luggage tagged but before we get to have our ticket, we were told to go to the airport tax payment area and pay our tax there. Chichiing!!! another expensive payment bwahahah. We haven’t boarded our airplane yet but we already spent 1/8 of our budget, tsssk. We presented our passport, itinerary to the cashier lady, and the money. She gave us back our passport with receipt after a few minutes. We headed back to the AirAsia counter after and gave them the receipt. they attached it to our ticket and told us that we can now proceed inside. On our way inside the inner terminals ,what I call it, the guards scans your ticket or you can do it on your own with the scanner but if you have children or elderly with you, you can just go directly to the guard and have him scan them for you. That would really help especially if it’s your first time in the airport and you’re alone, you wouldn’t want to be looked at like an idiot right! When it was our turn, the guard asks us where our terminal fee was. I told him we already payed and showed him the receipt earlier. He said that it was a different payment. My jaw dropped when I heard about that, they did not mention this online. I thought what we paid earlier included the terminal fee but I was wrong as we have to pay to another counter for terminal fee. We made our way to the terminal fee counter and lined up. The queue was quite long but thankfully the other window opened and I move there. I gave here our passport and airplane ticket and the terminal fee which costs PHP 750 each. I forgot to show her my grandma’s senior citizen card, another one of my mistake as it could have saved us money, hahaiists. After paying we went back to line up again to get inside the inner terminal. There he scanned our ticket and we proceeded inside. There was two openings, one on the left and the other on the right. We went inside the left opening as we thought they were just the same and there was a guard standing so we asked if it was the way to Airasia gate, he said yes, so we went in.

We were really hungry that time after much pressure before we could get in. I thought we would not be able to eat but was surprised to find out lots of food stalls inside, there was my favorite Potato fries and Jollibee. We opted with Jollibee. There were lots of seats so there was no problem with that. I left my grandma with our stuff and proceeded to the line for Jollibee. There I learned another thing. The price for their food was really step compare to the jellaba outside the airport. Gosh, why is the airport food so damn expensive!!!! Mahurot man sad among allowance ana wa pa gy ta naabot sa along destination (Sorry guys nahutdan na kong english ahahaha). After eating our food we proceeded to our gate #. I thought the area we entered was the correct one but there was no way in going to gate 9. There we realized we got inside the wrong terminal. We were inside the terminal for local destination, so that’s why we did not encounter the terror Immigration officer that might offload you if you don’t look presentable or your info and money is not enough LOL. So we went outside through the way we came in and we proceeded to the opening on the right. There we found the immigration officer, well you can’t get in the terminal if you don’t pass them anyway. So we proceeded there, we were the only one on the line, so we were served right away. We gave our passport and ticket, then she asked us where is the form. I asked what form, she was kind enough to tell me where it was so, we went there and field up the form. My hands was shaking and very sweaty as i wrote all our info on the form, correctly and honestly. After filling it up. We went back to the IO and we found a line hahaha, dghan na ang ng linya. we lined properly and waited for our turn again. When it was our time, I was really nervous and felt like my heart will come popping out my body hahaha. We handed our passport, airplane ticket, and the form. She asked for my itinerary and hotel booking. I told her that we book and AirBNB instead of hotel. She asked more questions and after much interrogation, she took our photo and gave our passport with a stamp of the Philippines! YEEEY!!! we can proceed! YAHOO!!! After that, it was the only time where i can breath properly and totally sink it in that we were going to SINGAPORE!!!!!! hahahaha my mind was dancing totally forgetting about my fever! we were going to SINGAPORE!!! I wish I could shout it out there but makarawod hahahaha. After a little sightseeing inside the duty free shopping area we proceeded to our gate. Gate 9, finally. when we looked at the clock there, we found out there was still a lot of time before our flight. it was still 11:30 I think that time. We killed our time by taking photos there, listening to radio announcers, eating our packed food, drinking my medicine, and looking at other passenger from another airlines about to board their plane and those who just arrived from their trip. 30 minutes before our boarding time, we were told that the gate for our flight had been change from gate 9 to 13. So we moved again, with our new found friends, mostly old people ky tabian ky si mama. When we arrive at gate 13, there I saw the famous uniform of my dream airline to ride, emirates. They looked so classy and elegant. They were 13 of them i think and from different races. There was this kid who fell on her knees after running around, two of them approached her even though they are not passengers of their flight, and talked to her. they cheered her up. They were really kind and well trained in taking care of kids, it was so cool to watch them. I wish I could had muster my courage and ask for photo opt with them just like the little kid. 

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