How My 8 Days in Singapore Went

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Finally!!! My video is done, da-done! **all smiles here 😄. After two months of edit-stop-forgot-remember-edit and vice versa routine, I finally arrived at the end. Well not really the end as this video is only a look at how my 8 days in Singapore went by. I’m gonna make a separate video/vlog for each day to really see what I have been up to. I haven’t started with it but I really hope I get to start it as soon as possible once I’ve finished editing all my SG photos that I will post on this blog. By the way I’ve already started posting on my adventure, read more here.

I’ve just recently, well about 2 years already, practiced editing videos but I still suck. Please excuse my bad editing skills, I still got a long way to go. Editing video is a never ending learning process just like my work and I love it ’cause I get to learn new stuff everyday, yahoo! Enough of that, enjoy the video guys and thanks for watching!

PS. I’ve always wanted to say, well for this it’s write…

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