The Day I Purchased My First Ever Airline Ticket

So guys, this post was supposed to be about my whole first airplane ride experience but as I started to write what happened from the very start, I did not notice that it has gotten very long already (until I looked at the whole post) because I wanted to write every single detail that happened before, during and after that event. To not waste your time reading my not so very enjoyable story, I decided to cut it short or shall I put it simply I made a part 1 and part 2 of it. The first part is about my experience purchasing my first airline ticket and what happened the days before that.


Day 1: Departure, Airplane ride, and Arrival


Finally!!! Finally! Finally! I thought it was the best day of my life and everything would go smooth sailing after I bought the ticket but I was wrong. To find out more of what happened, read along!

PS. attach along with this post are a sneak peak of my 8 days in the Lion City! Enjoy and I hope you do not get bored with my story as it is quite long besag gehimo na na kong part 1 ug part 2 (even though I already split it into part 1 and part 2). Thank you!

More PS. please bear with my wrong grammar and spellings and walay hunong-hunong nga sentence (never ending sentence) as I am still in high of my experience and it still feels like it just happened yesterday so I’m sorry in advance. If ever you see one, please comment it down below if it is alright with you and I will correct it ASAP! Thanks a bunch!


Day 2: Little India & Kampong Glam, SG


Ever since I could remember, I have always looked up at the sky with awe and admiration. Day and night dreaming of one day reaching it and touching that cottony clouds. At night, I used to watch the stars from our bungalow styled bedroom (which does not exist anymore 😟 ) until I fall asleep.I would always wait until I saw an airplane pass by with its starlike light in its tail sparkling making its way across the world. When I was in kindergarten, I even thought of airplanes as UFO hahahah. In the morning, I love how sometimes it leaves a trail in the sky especially the fast ones like jets. But no matter what I do I could never hear the sound of its engine because they fly too high that sometimes I only see a dot moving around. I don’t know why, but for me hearing sounds is the most important thing since it makes me feel that I am not alone in this world even if it’s not the sound that is made by a human. Even just by being with nature alone, I never feel lonely cause I already consider my surroundings as my companion. 

When I moved here in Cebu to pursue my college education, it was like hitting two birds with one stone as I am able to go visit my ancestral home in Compostela. I love being there because most planes passes by our area and since they just recently took off they are not that far and I can hear it buzzing or whooshing sound as it soars up and up to the sky. And now that, I live there full time, it has been my past time counting and identifying the airlines that airplanes belong to hahaha. I know I’m so childish but airplanes are one those factors that fuels my drive to travel, it symbolizes that I can go to places I’ve been dreaming since without  worries (except for the paperworks hoohay 😩) The sound it produces in the sky is like music to my ears, even inside our little room whenever I hear a wooshing sound in the air, I instantly know that an airplane just flew or passed by. And everytime I see or hear an airplane I would ultimately say “One day, I’m gonna ride that, one day” paired with an inspired smile and a fueled soul. 


Day 3: Chinatown & Marina Bay Sands


When it comes to fulfilling my dreams, I have timetables on when I want to achieve and how I can achieve them (sharing them soon). So when I turned 21 last year, I started taking action on my dream to travel to other countries and that includes to finally ride an airplane. It was the perfect time as I just graduated and have already a job after it so I had the chance to save up for that matter before the year 2016 ended. My plan to travel was suppose to be on the month of my birthday after I turned 21 but since I had just came back from Leyte, my travel fund got smaller and can only be bought with a ticket and not my whole expenses including hotel and allowances. My passport was also to be released at the end of the month so there wasn’t really a possibility of traveling to Hong Kong on November. I got really sad at the same time cause low fares for my chosen first international destination which was Hong Kong, keep popping in my Facebook newsfeed and airline subscription in my email. At first I got sad but I did not let it slow me down, I changed my plans to December as I found out we will be receiving the so called “13 Month Pay”. When I heard that, I got really really happy and felt like I was in heaven already lol (and I already can’t wait for this year hahahaha). I held with a firm grip that I would be making this trip possible on December as a made my way out of DFA Cebu finally holding my most prized possession, my passport. I called it my prized possession because my journey (which I will be posting soon) to get it was really long hahaha blame it on my laziness to gather the document for me and my grandmother and nervousness during the process.


Day 4: ION Orchard & Botanic Garden


Moving on, I initially had two countries to choose from for my very first international travel, one I have already mentioned is Hong Kong and the second one is Singapore. If you have read last years bucket list (you can read last year’s Major Goals here) then you will know that fact. I also had two airlines to choose from for this trip, my first choice was Cebu Pacific as they had direct flights for both countries from Cebu and my second choice was AirAsia, for its low fares. I made AirAsia my second choice since they only have Singapore direct flight and my first choice of country was Hong Kong and they did not have direct flights for that country (I hope they have one soon, please AirAsia). I was ready for everything, planned the places where I want to go in Hong Kong but I guess Hong Kong wasn’t destined to be my first country to visit as fares from both Cebu Pacific and AirAsia came shooting up to the sky. You know what I mean, the fares shoot up meaning it became so expensive and out of my budget range for two person. It was also the same with Singapore but not as much high as Hong Kong but still out of my price range; there wasn’t a promo or seat sale at that time. Then it hit me, it was already December and the possibility of having seat sale and promo fares was already impossible. I almost cried at that thought because I already told almost everyone close to me about my plan (except my family of course as I don’t want to disappoint them especially my grandma) and because I already spent countless sleepless nights looking for promo fares and planning my day to day itinerary. My company even helped me to look for airlines and hotel accommodation huhuhuh. Oh nooo!!!! But with all the negative happenings, a little part of me stayed positive and kept telling my other self that if this does not happen this year, there’s still the next year, so cheer up or sometimes it would say “You never know, something might happen and I get to fly this month. Don’t give up!” 😤 I’m glad apart of me have that because on the fifth of December 2016 at 1:00 AM in the morning (was still up because of insomnia) an email notification from AirAsia popped out showing me their promo fares! OMG! I almost screamed and almost made my grandma woke up hahahaha. With shaking hands I hurriedly typed my details on the form and chose “Looking for lowest fares”. After looking at the result, I choose Singapore as my final destination as it was very convenient with a direct flight and I get to spend Christmas and New Year there how’s that for my first travel hahaha. I tried booking it during that time but I got no credit cards so my reservation was cancelled. It was like a horror movie waiting for morning to come so I can go to the office and make another reservation and pay it with cash, since there was not SM Payment center available at midnight and the sight was practically giving me signs like “If you don’t book it you’ll regret it” 😭. 


Day 5: Sentosa Island


When I arrive at the office, I told my company about the promo fare and gave me an approval to book the plane ticket right away. So I booked the ticket and made my way to SM Cebu City to pay for it. On my way to the mall, it was so traffic, it was like the universe was testing me if I could do this thing. It was already noon around 3:30 when I went out to pay for my ticket. When I arrive at the mall, I had a hard time looking for the payment section as it was my first time having to pay there. I looked around ask some reliable people where it was and finally I found it after 20 minutes of looking around while window shopping. Time check 4:30, I was already lining up and to my dismay they only accept cash and no debit card, so I went out and made my way to the bank outside the mall. I came back after I withdraw the right amount and lined up again. Due to my excitement coupled with nervousness, I forgot to fill up the form to present to the cashier. I backed away from my line and unto the corner where they fill up the form. Another OMG moment, I was not familiar with their form and don’t know where and what exactly to write since the form was an overall form payment for airlines, electricity and other stuff. After countless peaking from other people doing the same thing I was finally able to finish it up but while I was away filling up the form, the line got filled up also so there were lots of people lining up already guess it’s because it was already almost evening. After lining up for 15 minutes, it was finally my turn. After a few question and additional information that I wrote on the paper. My airplane ticket was finally paid. “Woohooo!!! SINGAPORE here I come!”, I thought to myself but what awaited me at my BIG account (AirAsia account) was another challenge I never thought I would ever encounter (facepalm) 😵. 


Day 6: Southern Ridges & Marina Bay Sands


Going back to the office was very troublesome too as the traffic became more congested. I then decided to stay overnight since I had not done much work that day also because of the pressure of purchasing a ticket hahaha (yes, I was very much pressured and nervous, definitely one of the most nerve-wracking thing I did). Finally after, 1 hour of being trap in the never ending traffic and the slow moving jeepney, I arrived at the office with sweat all over my body I felt like I took a bath again. Anyway, when I arrived I directly logged in into my BIG account which I created a long time ago and see if the payment was now reflected because it said on my receipt it will reflect after 1 hour and it did. Hurray!!! I thought all my problems with the ticket was finally solved but I was wrong! Very wrong! My gosh, why did I not noticed that the automatic input of my information details was wrong, my birthday from Nov. 09, 1995 (take note of that guys and please don’t forget to send your gifts to me this year, I accept in kind or in cash lol, just kidding guys. But if you ever do send them! Thanks a lot in advance hahaha 😉) became Nov. 11, 1995. “Huh! What in unicorns happened!”, I said to myself. That error made me even more frustrated because all my information in my BIG account was correct and why it did not reflect the correct info in my flight details was very confusing. I got even more frustrated because I’m in the SoftDev department and creating systems like theirs is what I do and I know how to solve that problem but since I can’t access their database since I’m not their employee I calmed myself down. There was definitely a bug there. I searched with Google the same situation as mine and followed the steps but could not found the option to edit my flight details. Then an answer finally popped out, I can’t change it since it was a promo fare, what the carrots! hahahah, so I resorted to the last option which is to call them, I loaded my phone 200 regular load since I don’t have a landline. And finally after a long advertisement that mostly took half of my load and time, I finally got connected to their customer service. I made five calls I think in total until I finally had my problem solved (I will make another post on how this problem was solved just in case you encounter the same, but pray that you do not as it was a hassle and time and money and load consuming especially if you don’t have landline). After addressing my problem, they told me that it will be fix after one hour and at the same time my new itinerary and flight details will be sent to me. So I waited for an hour but no flight details arrived, it was already 10 in the evening I think and that it was suppose to arrive at that time. But I held onto my patience and waited until the next day. I almost called them again and ask what is taking so long since it would be just so easy to change the details especially if all their data is in sync. Hoooo!!! IT problems huhuhuh, “When you know how to fix it but does not have the power to do it”. The waiting time was like practicing my patience until I fell asleep doing that.


Day 7: Gardens By the Bay


Day 8: Changi Airport

I woke up the next day, finding my new itinerary in my email. Finally, finally!!! Thank you LORD. I grinned from ear to ear that day hahaha. After that, I started planning all the activities that I want to do, the things I want and have to bring, printed all the documents and other important stuff. While waiting for the date to arrive, I researched on what will happen to the airport once I was there. And to my horror, again… I found out there was a possibility that I might not ride my plane if I get to be “offloaded”, that is the term (will be posting about this too ). I don’t know what it meant so I researched and researched and found out about that. Most I read was negative, there was no one sharing positive feedback about it. I got really scared and nervous instead of excited, Oh my G. What should I do!!! To be at ease and put peace on my mind, I sought advice from our boss who have been traveling from US to PH and vice versa about what I should do. I also followed the advice of the bloggers I follow online regarding this matter. I did what they wrote and collected all the necessary extra document; then followed my boss’ advice to put my mind at peace. 

So there, that’s what happened! If you reach it this far, I’m very glad you did and thank you for reading. If you haven’t travelled abroad yet, I hope you don’t encounter some of the things I faced and if ever you’ve been outside PH already, I’m curious, did you experience the same thing or not. If not, can you share some tips on how you avoided them or you just had major luck or I was just clumsy and airheaded hahahah. Thank you for reading! See you in part 2, peace out!


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  2. […] Finally!!! My video is done, da-done! **all smiles here 😄. After two months of edit-stop-forgot-remember-edit and vice versa routine, I finally arrived at the end. Well not really the end as this video is only a look at how my 8 days in Singapore went by. I’m gonna make a separate video/vlog for each day to really see what I have been up to. I haven’t started with it but I really hope I get to start it as soon as possible once I’ve finished editing all my SG photos that I will post on this blog. By the way I’ve already started posting on my adventure, read more here. […]

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