Before I continue posting about my/our Southern Leyte escapade (because it’s taking me so long to processed and write about the trip #lazyme 😝) allow me to rant first about how my past months or rather last month’s life. So as of last month, November 9, 2016 to be exact, I finally became a full fledged adult like how the pupa becomes a full fledged beautiful butterfly *ahemm, beautiful, *cough 😂 . And as the month of Christmas slowly enters the middle stage *cue in “CHRISTMAS IS COMIIIIING”, it is also finally but slowly sinking in that I am really no longer a teen nor near my teen years and is getting older year by year but only in age, thank you Lord hahahah 😂 and I have proof of that. There was one time my aunt’s American friend asked me how old I was and he was shocked to know that I was 20 yrs old already (this happened last year), he said I looked like I was 12 lol, hard to believe right! hahaha. Second proof, this is not all the time but happens most of the time, whenever I’m about to go down the jeepney, the conductor would sometimes say, “Eeep, para tag tarong ky bata baya neng manaog / Eeep, we have to park properly, a kid is going down” or when with friends, “Hinay lang, mga bata manaog/Park slowly/properly, children are going down the jeep” lol literally lol 😂😂😂 I always end up laughing every single time. You know, this is not to brag because some of my friends are insulted by this judgement of other people because sometimes also there are people who treats us like we are literally kids, I guess it’s because of our typical Filipino height. But, for me it is a good thing since I like seeing people’s shocked expressions when they learn my real age hahaha 😁 but there is also a downside to that because there are people who will look at you with a negative thought especially going inside a restaurant or other places that only allows adult looking people and literally adults inside and when inside the mall there are salesladies who would look at you indifferently and follow you around like you’re gonna do something bad tssk tssk tssk. Well, enough of that let’s proceed to this blogpost topic, to find out read on.


So I turned 21, the age where you are officially legal to do what real adults can do. You know those things that is legal to the law, like drinking, entering clubs to party and drink, be put to jail if you did something against the law, to be independent and move out of the house (if your parents allows you to) and many more. Though there are certain limits, rules and regulations, and traditions to follow, as a now adult I still have to be careful and act properly but not to the point where I don’t enjoy my life and do what I love to do. With this new year added to my life, I decided to have a lowkey dinner with the people who are very close to my heart (charoot hehehe) instead of what I planned last year for this year’s birthday (it was an extravagant want like a debut with 21 candles and roses and such since I’ve never had a birthday party like that one, ever!) because I realised that it is not the time to have party like that yet 😉 for those who helped me plan it, sorry guys I know you’d understand me. And just like everyone, every year I write a wishlist that I really make an effort to make happen during that year and the number of the list is according to my now age, 21. So without further ado, here is my wishlist for my imaginary 21 candles (because I only have one candle in my cake 😆 see photos for proof).

img_0949 img_0951

I wish…

  1. For more travels 😍 may it be in the city I’m living in, the island, anywhere in the country, outside the Philippines. Just about anywhere would do as long as it’s fun and lots of exploring to do. Ahhh, dreaming for those days to come 😊
  2. To have more money for travel ’cause you can’t buy a plane ticket without it 🙁
  3. For my family to always have good health and safe and sound ❤
  4. I’m not the best person in this category, to be a more patient person is one of my wishes because I’m not the kind of person who have lots of patience. I’m one of those people who wants everything in one snap of a finger like magic but noooo you have to wait for the weekday to finish before the weekend of adventure comes, you have to save up money to able to travel and buy your dream camera 😭 because I don’t belong to those people who have lots of cash in their hands. I need lots of patient guys or else I’ll be a very greedy person and I don’t want that. I have to muster lots of self control 💪.
  5. In accordance to my #1 wish, I want to experience extreme sports like bungee jumping, or thrilling rides that makes you shout your lungs out like extreme roller coasters, basta everything that I’ve never tried before and that it would makes my heart pump faster and I would experience that delicious adrenaline rush heheheh. Yes, it would be very nerve racking like cliff diving or doing canyoneering not knowing how to swim(hoping to learn how to swim soon so I can finally do this 🙏) or that one time I tried the Rope Course in Mountain View Resort here in Cebu (will be posting it soon, ’cause it’s already over a year hahahah) where I would shout “Mama, tabang! (Mama, help!)” whenever I would look down ’cause that’s when I realized that I am a little acrophobic. But the adrenaline rush and the ending fear of my foot slipping and falling down was rewarded with a very happy feeling being able to finish the Rope Course without giving up! 😄
  6.  To experience or do lots of trekking/mountain climbing and having sleepover while watching the starry nights 🙂 I don’t know why but whenever I mention this to someone, they would always look at me with disbelieving eyes like saying hell I would never survive don’t worry my close friends if you ever thought of that I’m not angry I still love you *peace*. But just so you know, I lived in the mountain barangay of Ormoc, Leyte half of my life and I’ve climbed one of those mountains just to get malunggay for our dinner and to sell on the market hahahah crazy ain’t it, in high school I joined CAT with the hell crazy military training and survived them while getting sick during the program but I never gave up ’cause I know how harsher life was compared to our training (and also because of the training I gained curves and loss some weight, well all of my weight actually hahahah people just didn’t notice right away cause I was always wearing baggy shirts and jeans). I did lots and lots of crazy things too that led me to wash dishes every weekends 3 times each day for almost 90 people and came out of it alive. Guys, it doesn’t mean that a person is too skinny it can’t do hard labor or strenuous activities anymore it’s all in muscles 💪, oh wait wa koy muscle 😂.
  7. Number 7, I’ve already mentioned in #5, is to learn how to swim. Just the basic is enough for me, enough for me not to drown 😆 because honestly I can’t count anymore how many times I almost drowned and what’s more frustrating instead of people comforting you because I really thought I was gonna die back then, instead they laugh at you  🙁  -_-  So cruel, diba! But if it made them happy, guess there’s no point getting angry.
  8. To meet in person my fave couple in the whole Philippines, JaDine and KathNiel. No bias, I love them both. I don’t know why each fandom keep bashing and comparing those two love teams when there’s nothing to compare because their both great in their own way plus they are so different from each other like how different you and me are. Gets! Spread the LOVE ❤ guys not hate 😉!
  9. To be more confident and love myself more, because I need more love ❤ 😌 . I wish for myself to be able to handle what other people say about me and not be affected about it because this is one my biggest weakness ever since I can remember. From kindergarten to high school, I was always bullied 😔 I don’t even know what I did wrong to them. And those bullying resulted to a clumsy and timid/pessimistic/doubtful/unsure me. Always listening to what other people say and not having a voice of my own. Never going out of my shell just so that I won’t be judge, always thinking I have no right, always being on the safe side thinking it was for the best. When I reached college I realised that what I was doing was only ruining myself, and those negative thoughts resulted to me not having a talent of my own though I have one but I got rusty. So after realizing those things, I started going out of my shell and did things I love, now I have lots of friends hehehe (if you’re reading this “Hi 👋”). But the road to changing oneself is not that easy as 123, so now I’m taking everything slowly. Now I have a blog, a space in the internet which I own and nothing or no one can take away(except if I don’t pay for the fee every month hahaha 😂). I can freely right however or whatever I want! I always have a diary, until now I have and reading those entry from before I cringed from having so much negative thoughts and laugh hard from reading all those emo stories I wrote whenever I’m sad, well I was always sad back then.
  10. To have a complete camera gear, my dream essentials! As what I always tell my Grandpapa, bahalag way cellphone basta naa ry camera (I don’t care for having no cellphone, but a camera is a must!) 😂
  11. To attend a concert in a big music hall, like the classical piano concert or  a concert of my fave singer! That would be awesomeness!
  12. To enhance more my photography skills as well as my video editing skills! Cause I think that’s the only talent I have … hmm.. just kidding I have lots of other talent like being wacky 😝
  13. TO HAVE A PROPER AND RIGHT SKIN CARE ROUTINE!!! It’s all capslock because I really am struggling with finding the right products to put on my face because I’m afraid what’s happening in my face will get worse or something that is not suppose to be there comes out. I love my skin so it’s really an essential for me.
  14. To have a proper sleep because my INSOMIA is grabeh na jud. To the highest level ika nga, you know being awake ’till 3 in the morning not able to go to sleep even though same thing happened last night and last last night! Tssssk! This is one of the reasons why I need my #13 wish.
  15. To learn how to make myself more pretty, I mean how to put make up properly in my face. Just the basic would be enough for when I’m going to events and other parties. I like to keep things natural, and I have a very sensitive skin so grewing up with a make up on was a no no for me. That’s why I never learned those kind of stuff that ladies should know even just the basics. TBH, I still don’t know how to put lipstick properly in my lips, sucks right 😣
  16. To not be nervous over silly things because I just do I don’t know why 😭
  17. To control my so-cute-I-wanna-pinch-those-muscles behavior! It’s a big problem for me because the people I love keeps getting agry at me for always biting or pinching their arms or shoulders. I can’t help it, its my way of showing how I love them, kaka gigil hahahah. Kind a reminds me of the song Bad Things by Machine Gun Kelly and Camila Cabello (I love this song, do you???)
  18. TO EAT MORE!!! because once I immerse myself on something I sometimes forgot to eat resulting to my hyper hyperventilating hahahah. I know that’s bad…
  19. That’s why I need to break all those bad habits I mentioned above. This is my 19th wish!!!
  20. My ultimate dream and the one that would never be out of my bucket list is to backpack around the world, to explore every corner of every street of every city/states/province of every nation and document it through my amateurish photography! DREAM BIG!!!
  21. For my last wish, it’s all about GOD, my love for HIM so I’ll keep that a secret 😉

img_0960img_0952 img_0954 img_0956img_0963 img_0958 img_0964img_0972-01

To all those reading this, no matter how old you are please don’t forget to live your life to the fullest because we only have one and there won’t be another chance. Don’t say it’s too late ‘casue there are lots of things that is appropriate according to age or if you can (of course you can, just BELIEVE!) break the age barrier and do those things you’ve always wanted to do! LOVE YOURSELF!

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Till the next dramatic blogpost!


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