🚏 Hilongos Pier, Hilongos, Leyte, Philippines 6524

🚏 Malipay Shores

This is Day 1 of our #SMARTSTARTgoestoSOUTHERNLEYTE 😃 Since we weren’t able to have our company summer outing last summer, we decided to have it on September.


We took the vessel, Roble, bound for Hilongos, Leyte at 11:00 AM from Pier 3. We landed at around 5o’clock in the afternoon to the beautiful port of Hilongos, then proceeded to Malipay Shores. I will be blogging soon a more detailed post about this adventure so stay tuned but for now enjoy the video! Thanks and enjoy 😊 !

Stay tuned next week for Part II 😉

PS. I will be soon launching my Youtube channel (still practicing to not be camera shy 😂 and enhancing my vlogging and video editing skills), so if you want to be updated, head on to my Youtube channel to subscribe, pretty please ✌

Date: September 14, 2016

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