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Like many other first time visitor of Bantayan sa Hari, I also thought that it is the lighthouse built by the Spaniards and was replaced by the Americans which is now the Bagacay Point that I blogged before this (read here) but I was wrong. I mean who can blame us, we don’t know plus the structure itself looks like a lighthouse that has been destroyed by a big storm. Because of it’s looks now many have dubbed it “the forgotten historical treasure of Liloan” and it’s located near the Parola/Bagacay Point Lighthouse no wonder the people (including me) mistakes it as the original lighthouse from the Spanish era.

Our only objective that day was the Parola but it was like hitting two birds with one stone after finding out that it was Bantayan sa Hari. So my Liloan Adventure list became shorter as I crossed it off my bucket list.


To be honest, I never knew it was Bantayan sa Hari until after a few weeks after my visit. So what happened that day was like treasure hunting. The Parola and Bantayan sa Hari is quite far from each other and is hidden behind large trees and long grass. You can’t even see it when you’re standing beside the Parola. We found it when we decided to walk along the trekking trail towards the ocean after we saw children going there. What we saw first when we arrived at edge was the breathtaking view of the ocean and the Mactan skyline. There were people swimming in the ocean below and a couple who were all lovey-dovey with each other on the big rocks. The couple acted normal after they saw us but twas too late cause we already saw them haha. Anyway, we did not mean to intrude on their date, saw we move back and took pictures of our surroundings.

IMG_3733 IMG_3739

On our way to the side where the structure stand there were lots of teenager around my age playing ball and stuff around the structure. Since it was like the whole place was hold up to themselves, so we opted to take pictures from afar. And wait for them until they leave.

IMG_3740IMG_3730 IMG_3741IMG_3753IMG_3754

When they left, we hurried to the Bantayan and hug the place all to ourselves hahah. We scanned the whole area first and looked for ways to get up to the top and we found the answer. The stairs was located inside and the stairs was halfway down so you have to climb first before you are able to step on the remaining living steps of the stairs. The structure looked like it was bomb since part of it was scattered all over the place and plants were already growing on them.

IMG_3760IMG_3786 IMG_3762

According to history, the Bantayan sa Hari is a watchtower built by the Spaniards to know if there were pirates coming and there are more of this Bantayan sa Hari in other places here in Cebu like Mandaue City (on the bucketlist na hahaha). I don’t know how old this thing is but from the looks of it it’s very, very old like hundred years old or more. The tower was placed perfectly and when we climbed up we could see Mactan’s skyline more accurately. I have this thing called fear of heights so when I was trailing the rim of the tower, I would like hold unto the sides and sit while making my feet move around hahaha. If you have seen me you would have laugh at my cowardly act but I don’t care better safe than never. Still, it was an experience I would never forget and of course worth blogging.


The view of the Parola from the top of Bantayan sa Hari.


Me struggling at the top.


So if you have some time, come by Liloan and check this piece of art along with the others.

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