Bagacay Point Liloan

🚏 Brgy. Catarman, Liloan, Cebu, Philippines 6002

When you watch a movie about a love story set in the olden times, there is always a scene where in they are at a lighthouse having a picnic at the top of the lighthouse or around the area where the lighthouse stood while giving each other words of love. Finding out that there was a nearby lighthouse near us that stood for a century I got curious(as I always do) as to what it looks like. After mentioning this planned visit to my grandma, she started reminiscing about the past and told us how her sisters would be brought there by their boyfriends for a date and that she would sometimes be tagged along to make as an excuse to their parents so as to not find out that they would go there just to have a date and sometimes attend the fiesta held there annually. To really know why lighthouse is the popular dating site in the old times, my sister and I went there right away.


The ride from our house was quite smooth having two rides, a jeepney and a habal-habal or “motorcycle” because the place is only accessible by private vehicle or habal-habal (motorcycle) and sidecar which is one of the common source of income of the male residents. Since our hometown and Liloan are just neighbors, it just took us about 25 minutes jeepney ride including the little traffic to arrive in the town proper where you’ll find the Municipality building stands in front of the town’s old and biggest church and one of the private school. From there, you will find a habal-habal to get to Bagacay Point, it wouldn’t be hard to find one since there are many of them just stand by. Since it’s my first time going there, the road is very unfamiliar and  as always the ride for me was quite long (though it’s always my reaction when I travel to places I’ve never been to). To not be mistaken as a tourist we spoke in dialect and told him we want to get to “Parola”. Then he asks us how much we would like to pay him to get there, we told him PHP 15 each (I think) since that is the fare for going to Brgy. Catarman, he said he would add PHP 5 each since he would take us directly to the Point. We agreed on that and started our motorcycle journey.


A little background history about the Bagacay Point is that and according to my research online and by the people who’ve been there, it was originally established by the Spaniards in 1857 and a landmark was made on July 28, 1903 (but the lighthouse says 1904 maybe the lighthouse finished being built in that year) to be exact by the order of William Howard Taft (that name rings a bell doesn’t it that’s because his name is all over our history books in elementary and high school), the first American Governor-General of our country. My grandma said that they used to get inside the lighthouse but when we went there the door was locked and no way of getting in. But I guess it was close since we went there on the day of the 2016 election, it’s an active lighthouse so yeah I guess they allow people to get up there.

The place is really perfect for couples hahaha because when we got there, there were many of them. It’s also perfect for family picnic since the place is just near the ocean. You can get a quick swim near Bantayan sa Hari (which I’ll be blogging next).

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Next stop: Bantayan sa Hari 🙂

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