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When I saw a video about an ice cream shop with smoking food (and yes, I thought that the ice cream was also smoking but I was wrong) I immediately researched about the place and included it in my #ThousandJourneyCebu (blogpost coming up) bucketlist! We went there with my bf and little sister after a trip to the temple of love (blogpost also coming up) because we were hungry and we need energizers. So from JY Square we rode a jeep going to Colon that passes over Fuente Osmeña since the place is located there.

IMG_4181 IMG_4182 IMG_4183

The place was very cute and small, I think only about 10-14 people would fit inside and it looks like a cafe too with post-its on the wall that forms like a heart. The other side of the wall looks like a graffiti with many writings instead of using colorful paint they opted for white which basically looks cool since the wall is painted red.

Their menus are down below 👇 and the second photo shows the full menu with their prices.


(Photo above courtesy of Avalanche’s FB page)


Look at all that smoke 😄😄😄

We ordered the Smokin’ Brownies and Signature Chocolate (for prices see photo above). If you want to bring other foods like snacks I discourage you to do so cause there is a corkage fee but if you don’t care about it and you have lots or enough of money you can bring any foods and just pay the corkage fee.

IMG_4195 IMG_4196

I don’t know much about it’s history or it’s owner and how it started but just reading the wall with the graffiti look I learned a little bit about the place. So according to the wall (😁), Avalanche is a liquid nitrogen ice cream shop in Cebu City, Cebu (complete address below) that opened in July, 2015. It is the very first of its kind here in Visayas with the formula 10% Science and 90% Ice Cream. I really recommend you to try them cause you’ll be really screaming for more I’m sure of it cause I did 😂 but I have no more money that time so I just promised to come back for more and try their other flavors! Yum, yum, yum 😝


Look at how the cup surrounded by ice like it just came from the refrigerator, cool isn’t it.


‘Till the next ice cream!


For more info…

Avalanche FB page:

Avalanche Address: Anita’s Bldg, Osmeña Blvd. Corner, J. Llorente St, Cebu City, 6000 Cebu

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