EGI City by the Sea Hotel

🚏Pajac-Maribago Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu

The hotel we stayed in while we were in Mactan Island and the second hotel I set foot in on  my 19 years of existence was EGI City by the Sea Hotel. Though our stay was supposed to be two days since my Aunt’s plan was to bum around the hotel’s pool area which they have a lot ( I guess 4 pools were there in total which am not quite sure) and explore more the hotel since it was quite big and wide and I think it consist of 3 buildings and one school since we found out that there was a school for Koreans inside and 1 of the buildings is where they are staying. But the plan was changed, I have mentioned the reason in my previous post (here), making us leave the hotel early the next day.


When we arrived, I was really in awe of how wide and huge the place was just look at the photo below. I expected more sofas and chairs to sit on but I was disappointed and just looked at other foreigners standing waiting for their line or waiting for some one when we got inside the lobby. Well, the interior and decor of the reception is very elegant and nice my photos did no justice to it, I guess they got a plus point there.


The craziest experience I had at the hotel was with their elevator because when it started going up or down it gave off a kind of fidgety and broken noise. When it stopped, it took one minute for the door to open and there was this one time when we were about to step out we noticed it did not went parallel with the outside floor. Hahaha, it was crazy hell.


What I love and the best for me about the place are the pools and the sea. The view at the sea was breathtaking but we weren’t able to take a dip because it was low tide that time. Just check them out below 👇


‘Till the next hotel! See you 😘

PS. for more about EGI Beach Resort, just visit their webiste

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