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After graduation, I’ve decided to always look at the people who inspire me to build and chase my dreams everyday. When I mean everyday, I lot a little of my time to visit their blog, their youtube channel or read their books before I plan my dreams to become reality. I make it everyday because to achieve your dreams you just can’t take a big leap or shortcut you have to take those dreams step by step until you reach that thing that you’ve always wanted. And to savor the moment may it sweet or bitter because every experience is different from the last one. Of course, this inspirations would have different categories and purposes of where in the field of my dreams they inspire me.


For this month, I’ve decided to share with you first my Wanderlust Inspiration. If you are a first time traveler or just starting on your traveling dreams, or your a pro already and is always on the net searching for beautiful places and destinations to include in your bucket list, then you’ve probably heard or know about her already or you are already a fan just like I am. So without further ado I’m gonna share to you that Brooke Saward (please look at the photo below if you don’t know who she is) of the blog World of Wanderlust and youtube channel Brooke Saward, is my #1 wanderlust inspiration (direct links to her blog and social media below 👇 ) .

Travel far enough, you meet yourself. – Cloud Atlas 🗝✨

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If you’ve read her about page in her blog (if you haven’t please do, you will be really inspired I promised) you will know that after she graduated she booked a ticket going to europe and started her jetpacking life there. She traveled lots of countries already and experienced different stuffs. She experienced different kind of bad already but she never gave up and it never hindered her to go to unknown place the next day. If you’re gonna ask if I had wished her to life to be my life too, the answer is “YES” but I realized my story is gonna be different from her so I moved on from that thought. Traveling the world is a huge wallet holler you know, if you don’t have funds or a job to come back to then your next trip would probably wait until you get a job and have enough travel fund to travel again but if you’re like her then you are very much lucky. And I’m the opposite of her, so right now I’m saving up an amount that could last me at least 3 years of travel, of course without forgetting my other responsibilities. That means, I save, save, save, save! (next I will be sharing is “How I save money for my future trip around the world”) .

Travel far enough, you meet yourself. – Cloud Atlas 🗝✨ A photo posted by Brooke Saward (@worldwanderlust) on


Snuck out on to the roof terrace to catch the sun rise this morning – absolute bliss 😍✨

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Other reasons why and how she inspired me to fuel my dreams: *Because I want to see the world before I can no longer walk so when that day happens and I’m just gonna sit there in the balcony of my future house I have something to think about and reminisce on. Also, I have something to talk and show to my future children and grandchildren (if I ever have one). *She inspired me to take more photos and videos during my trips and for future trips so as when I’m in the office and I’m so stressed I can just look back at those times and remember that if I work hard I can do those things again but with another location. But, don’t forget to enjoy the moment while you do those things, a photo or video is much better when your relax and it shows that you’re enjoying the moment and not scripted at all. *And because traveling is the only thing that fuels my way to live the life that I have now.

Lake Como has quickly become a new favourite in Italy ☺️🌸 A photo posted by Brooke Saward (@worldwanderlust) on


Right now, I can’t travel too far away places except inside the country so to make me inspire and never surrender in my dreams I visit her blog and watch her videos to energize my head and fighting spirit.

So that’s it for now. See you on the next inspiration session!

Brooke Saward ( Blog: www.worldofwanderlust.com || Youtube: Brooke Saward || IG: @worldwanderlust )

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