**I wrote this the last last last night and just got lazy to post this but now I’m not  😁 ✌

**insert music “Fireworks” by Katy Perry**

Since there wasn’t an internet connection, I started roaming on the photos stacked in my laptop and look what I found, photos of the fireworks show during our student’s night party after our school’s intramural. That night was my first and last night to attend such school parties freely because I’m already in my third year and we are now allowed to attend such events but we still have to get to our boarding house before 10 PM (Yeah, I know, I know we are like Cinderella in a modern day world, but only 2 hours early of Cinderella’s time. The people who put as to school can’t help but be worried for us since the world we now live in exist dangerous people and place).


The fireworks, was the last agenda of the party.

I can still remember that night like it was last night. After dancing and shouting to the music, we were stopped by the organizer and told as to go to the soccer field to witness the last part of the event before we went home. I ran with my friends so that we could get their first and get ourselves a nice spot for a good view. And boy it was indeed a very good view, just look at the photos I took using my phone and the video, mind you my phone does not have that big MP thing but I sure am proud of the results. I did not put filter on it too just because it does not need one.

IamMarj_fireworks20 IamMarj_fireworks19IamMarj_fireworks18IamMarj_fireworks16IamMarj_fireworks15IamMarj_fireworks14

Ahh, fireworks. I really love them just looking at this photos makes me remember all my happy thoughts. Their the most beautiful thing to see in the sky at night next to the moon and stars, for me anyway. I’m always in awe with them, on how they came from powder but with great force and a bit of a BANG they turn into flowers in the sky with different colors. And what’s great about them though they are quite dangerous when you go near them and has a very loud noise, is that everybody loves them, fireworks. Me personally, I love them. I don’t know how to describe the feeling that I feel whenever I watch fireworks display, when they go up in the air and go boom! I always try to predict what kind of form the fireworks would produce because they are sometimes unpredictable. To put it simply, it gave me a feeling of bliss.

IamMarj_fireworks13 IamMarj_fireworks11 IamMarj_fireworks12 IamMarj_fireworks10IamMarj_fireworks9IamMarj_fireworks8IamMarj_fireworks7IamMarj_fireworks6IamMarj_fireworks5IamMarj_fireworks4IamMarj_fireworks1IamMarj_fireworks3IamMarj_fireworks2

Anyway that’s enough blabbering, so how about you do you like/love fireworks?

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