Summer Bummer

🚏 Pajac-Maribago Rd, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines 6015

Summer is almost here, actually it is already here with the temperature outside which reached almost 32 degrees and that is already freakin’ hot. Going outside always gave me a feeling of wanting to jump off into the sea or water and just stay there. And did you notice that even though it’s still 7:30 in the morning the sun is already on it’s highest peak talk about climate change (tsssk) . You can already feel the intensity of the sun burning your skin and tanning them though you’re just walking on the street and not on the beach.

Classes are almost about to finish (ours too and I’m graduating soon yey!) and everyone is already preparing their summer get away bucket list and I’m gonna do that too but before that I have to finish our thesis first, book bind the documentation, find myself a new boarding house, prepare for the Holy Week, finish my school clearance since I’m a graduating student, finish my medication and be better soon, and the last is prepare for our graduation. And when all those is done, that’s the time I can finally scream ” Yay! for summer!!! It’s summertime!” while jumping for joy and doing my summertime time dance ala High School Musical.

So to get me more motivated and be in with the summer while doing my remaining tasks, here’s a little reminiscent of my staycation in EGI Hotel (read my review here).


Hmmm, while I’m about to prepare for my summer bucket list. Do you have any suggestions that I can do this summer?If you do you can drop a comment down below or message me in my contact page 🙂 Thanks!

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