How’s it been?

I need to slow down right now or I might end up in the dead end zone. Ever since the last week of February and now March (oh my it’s March now, I did not even noticed it gossh!!) I’ve been running non-stop not literally running, just my brain. Dividing my time to do different tasks and even multitasking just to finish just about everything that has deadline.


And now I’m down to my last dilemma which is our thesis!!! Our defense will be this Saturday and I’m not yet ready! My task is not even halfway there yet and I don’t have a formal to wear. I hate to admit it but I think I’m on the level of almost cramming (huhuhuh, raises white flag of defeat). I’ve been lacking sleep for a month now (evidence is the photo attached to this blogpost), sleeping in the company(since we are allowed with permission) or in our PN center 1. It’s not just sleep that I sacrificed but also my cravings and my itchy feet. Almost all of my weekends were spent locked in the center to do our thesis. All my plans of going out and exploring I postponed and also all my blogpost that I want to share to you all, I have postponed and I’ve also stop being active in all my social media. Though I do some reading but posting anything, I don’t do anymore. But promise, after our defense I’ll be back on track and post everything that I need to post and say hello to everyone everyday 🙂


I’m not complaining about what is happening with my life right now ’cause I know all my sacrifices will bear fruits may it be negative or positive (and I hope it would be all positive crossfingers) . And that this dilemma of mine will soon be over just like it started ’cause like they say “walang forever” hahah. I’ve been saying that phrase to calm me down whenever I remember the deadline 🙁 (facepalm)

So, that’s about what I’ve been going through right now. How about your’s?


Message to myself:

Marj, calm down, don’t worry your thesis will be finished. You’ll just wake up that it’s finally over and it would be the best day of your life. So, please calm down. CALM DOWN!!!

with love and care,


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