My First Win for 2016

If you have read about my past blog posts you know already I have no luck in winning in anything until last year when I tried my luck entering online contest 🙂 And now, I entered into one again. It was a Sinulog contest of The Metro Stores X Tropical Collection. Don’t know if it was destiny, I just saw the banner while looking for a Sinulog shirt and read it, thought the mechanics of the contest was easy so I went and joined. I was never on the target of winning (though sometimes when I really like the prize) most of the time I just want people to notice me because I’m not good with it physically hahaha. Below are the photos of the winners including me (can you spot me???hehehe).



*** photos above credits to The Metro Stores ***

Screenshot 2016-01-23 03.04.10 copy

And this was my photo entry 🙂 

The awarding for the contest was moved to Jan.30,2016 and I did not have decent photos of me being on the stage because my grandma did not took it properly hahay! (facepalm).


*Disclaimer: The photos are mine unless stated otherwise. Meaning the photos showing all the winners are not mine.

Loads of love,


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