Low Tide

🚏Compostela, Cebu, Philippines 6003


If you have been a reader of my first blog iammarj25.wordpress.com then you know already that at the back of my great grandmother’s house is the sea already. So when I went home I was so excited cause I can swim again (even though I don’t know how to swim) without going to a beach resort hahahah. But sadly the sea was at its low tide so what I did I held a photoshoot all by myself cause I wanna try to post an outfit for the beach. In short everything was taken using selfies and videos. Enjoy 🙂

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Look at the seaweeds. It’s shape <3 awww


Top from Paperhearts; Black Spaghetti and Polka dot Short Skirt from The Metro Stores Ayala, Cebu; Slippers from Havaianas;

Oh, it’s almost summer, can you suggest good places here in Cebu with cool beach? Where would you go? 

loads of love,


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