IamMarj Meets VV, Camille Co & more

And yes, I did not win just an invite but a chance to meet my blogger inspirations, the total inspiration to travel in fashion (I only turn fashion OC when I travel) and some big tv personalities and a chance to meet this DJ, I don’t know his name. To know who they are just scroll below 👇


Looking at this photos still makes me kilig ☺ ☺ ☺

Loads of love,


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Hola~ My name is Marj and welcome to my blog where I share all the interesting stuff that happens in my life (well, most of it if I don't get strike down with my laziness) which is mostly about my travels and (mis)adventures. When I'm not blogging which is most of the times this days, you will find me day dreaming about my next adventure or working to save up for my next trip and my dream house or doing my best to make myself get up and work on my backlogs for this blog **facepalm. Thanks for stopping by and nice meeting y'all :)

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