H&M one of the biggest and leading brand of fashion from men, women, children and home decoration just opened it’s biggest branch in Asia in Ayala Center Cebu. And to celebrate it’s opening day that happened on Nov. 27, 2015. They held a VIP Night where they invited all known fashion bloggers, TV personalities other people from big companies of fashion and the like to witness they’re store firsthand. And from the hashtags they’ve been circulating in social media #HMLovesCebu they showed their love by inviting chosen Cebuanos to the VIP night(You can read the full details on how I got myself an invite here).


The red carpet going to the entrance to a three-floored heaven.

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Finger foods and drinks were offered. Yum!



There was also live band!


The best part of the night, second to attending this event is finally meeting my fave bloggers and more. 

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After seeing everything and I fell instantly involve with the brand and right then and there it became my absolute favorite. And after what I bought I promise myself to come back for more every payday hahaha.

Thank you H&M!!!

loads of love,


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