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As tradition, every new year people write their New Year’s Resolution, in school children or students are asked by their teacher to right what their new year’s resolution about and some are chosen to tell it in front of the class. Back when I was in elementary and high school some of my classmates would complain about it and the ones who are those who knows already that some or most of the things they right they get to do on the 1st to 3rd of the month and i’m one them. I’m not against it or anything i mean i write my resolution every week or once month if ever i remember what i don’t want and I do want to do and then I tend to forget about it for the next 2 to 3 weeks and remembers about it when something triggers me. And really I envy those who is so keen to write their New Year’s resolution and keep it going till the year ends. 

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So to not flack about those things instead I write them as goals cause the word “goals” is very easy to remember and I have goals like everyday, I mean who don’t and to help me to remember more I got myself a planner for this year to write what and where am I going or doing this year. But in truth, I tried it last year for about 3 months and still did not work for me since the year is already ending and whenever I plan something it always doesn’t go according to what I planned originally like the date, time and the place I’m going because of sometimes the weather and sometimes because of my lazy bum but most times because of my busy schedule and I do not like waking up early hahahah. But still I savor everything and I do not let anything ruins my plans which is to ENJOY!

But this year I’m gonna make it work and to start the list of my goals here are the top 10 goals I want to achieve before this year ends. This goals are both for personal and family achievement, some of those are things I was not able to do before and until now but want to do after graduation and till the next years to come:)

P.S. This is still not final and I will edit some of them cause there are some that is not to be given away yet cause of some boarders and stuff you’ll understand once you read what I edit. So keep watch 🙂

  1. Finish our THESIS!!! Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 1.28.58 PM The ticket to graduation’s deadline is fast approaching and to tell you honestly, WE ARE NOT YET HALF WAY THERE (eyes bulging in shock) !!!! And now we are having overnights in our old home which we call Center 1 or C1 in short just for it to be finish before deadline. Actually the overnight started on midway of November meaning I have not have a complete beauty sleep (charroott!) and now I’ve got sulky eye bugs just like those of buddhas hahaha just kidding!        
  2. Graduate in college        12341485_779733192132612_2969223365599050526_n And it’s almost here, less than 4 months more to go. I can’t wait to savor the moment and look back to all those struggles and challenges that I have encountered that I thought I can never do but succeeded on doing. And on that day I can finally say “SUCESS!!! I finally did it! I can finally show to those people who told me that I can never graduate because were poor because my mom made a big mistake and is followed by my sister that that is my destiny. I can finally plaster it to all their faces and say you’ll are very wrong! I can change my life and make it my own and not something that is dictated by other people and most especially not the same with my mom and big sister.” Hahaha, sorry I know it’s very wrong but it’s good sometimes to show to those people who puts us down that nothing is impossible if we conquer our fears and live our dreams and that they should not be judge mental and say things because of what your other family member did in the past. Because we all are not the same, we are UNIQUE in every perspective of our lives! So keep dreaming guys and live it starting NOW!
  3. Have a big celebration for thanksgiving and for my graduation party or just treat my whole family to the beach with my own money! – now that’s an achievement hahahah!
  4. Make up for the lost timethis one will be a secret for the mean time. hahahaha cause not allowed yet.
  5. Meet the parentsalso this one. Hahah you’ll know about this after I graduate.
  6. Buy my siblings a service for school  HONDABEATALLOYWHEELPRBEATALLOY Since next school year all three of my siblings will all be going to school in the city for their Junior High School education, my mom will be a hard time shouldering all the travel expenses. You see their home is very far from the city and the transportation fee is very very expensive and not the same here in Cebu City. So this baby will be my gift to them and I will also try to learn how to ride one hahahah. Cause for me women who knows how to ride a motorcycle or any bike is really COOL!         
  7. Buy myself a DSLR/Mirrorless camera or a new phone A5000 PINK iphone-6-rose-gold-005      I can’t decide wether I would get a DSLR/Mirrorless camera or a new phone. It depends on the budget at hand, hahaha.
  8. Travel to a different island or place inside the country (Palawan or Manila) Palawan-Island-Philippinesmanila-old-and-new-sightseeing-tour-including-intramuros-and-fort-in-manila-120453 I’m torn between full filling my history book bucket list which is to visit the historical places of the Philippines which is mostly found in Manila and going to the beach and experience walking in the powdery white sand that it is and see the wonders that is created by God’s hand in Palawan. What do you think is better?
  9. Travel one country (Hong Kong or Singapore)  IMG_1040blogger-image--373567733I’m currently preparing my first international trip, yeeey!!! I’m really excited and nervous at the same time. It really taking it’s toll on me and my allowance!!!So any suggestion for first timer like me, oww us by the way, I’m taking my grandmother and it’s gonna be her first trip too 🙂 . I want to travel by June or July, will it be Hong Kong or Singapore?
  10. Get myself a PASSPORT! passport-small And of course, before I do all those traveling dreams I have to get myself a passport first. And good luck and God bless to me cause they said it would be a very loooooong and hooooot line since the weather here in Cebu is so hooot right now!

Extra: I also need to finish posting all my backlogs before January ends and I hope this won’t happen this year (prays).

So yeah that’s my major major bucket list for this year and yeah I know it’s just short but I want to take one step at a time! So what’s your’s mind sharing 🙂

loads of love,


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