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As my first post for the year 2016, I want this post to be something super special, something I’ve always wanted and would never stop wanting. And if ever I get to do it I won’t stop doing it. And this post will also be all about what I did on my first day of 2016.

That something is to meet one of my favorite person, or shall I say singer, in the whole wide world, TAYLOR SWIFT. She’s the person who have captured my ears and eyes to really love and appreciate music, the people behind music and inspired me to be a singer someday though I know I have a really bad voice, ugh that’s too cruel ahm normal voice instead. The first song I heard from her was Love Story when I was watching MTV and I instantly fell in love with it, was enchanted with it and can’t stop listening, watching the music video over and over again and singing to it. I really wrote the song in the back of my notebook just so I can memorize it and sing to my hearts content when I really feel like it. The first thing that captured me to that song is the video itself, you see I like history so much especially European history like those prince and princess kind of thing, castles and the dresses they wore back at that time and also the line that has the name Romeo and Juliet. I love Romeo and Juliet story even though Shakespeare wrote it with a band ending, still I love the thought of the story, I love the whole story itself. But when I heard Love Story with a different ending of Romeo and Juliet it made me love it more. Ahm, so back at Taylor, ever since I heard her sing I became a fan and an addicted one as you know it. I would always wait at MTV for her next song or music video and when I learned about the internet and how to go around with it, I would search about her, collect photos of her and have it printed until my time ran out. When I learned about how she grew up and her relationship towards other people before she became famous, that, that even me more love her and embrace her in my life, love everything about her and sometimes envy her hahahaha I mean who would not, with that kind of life know what I mean. 



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First of the things that made me say “OMG, we’re the same” is not having many friends when she was in elementary or grade school because other kids like her does not understand her passion of singing mine was because I love doing stuff that is different and out of the norm and because my lifestyle was different from theirs. 

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On my first day of 2016 I dedicated it all to her by watching the videos I downloaded, Journey to Fearless and Speak Now World Tour and listening to her current 1989 songs while writing this post. And a minute ago I received a text from my subscription on Twitter about T-Swift’s recent tweet all about her new music video coming out which is Out of the Woods with the hashtag #OOTWMusic Video hahaha isn’t that amazing. I don’t know if she tweeted it on the 1st of January because I have no internet connection while writing this. And while I was writing I this I was literally crying over her music of how the show went, when she hugged her fans, treated her fans to a tea party after the concert and etceteras.

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I really want to meet Taylor Swift in person and say Hi to her and tell her how amazing she is (I know there have been lots and lots who have said that already but I don’t care) and how I’ve been like stalking her ever since she appeared on my TV screen and sing here songs that struck me and and some even relates to my life. I want to ask her how was her day and tell her how she change my life through her music how she’s been a great inspiration through tough and happy times. I want to have a picture and selfie with her, to stand outside her apartment, to meet her mom and most importantly to see her in live action, I mean to see her in concert to be at her concert to be part of her concert as a fan, audience and as a friend that she doesn’t know. And if that doesn’t happen this year, I will do it next year and then the next year until I get to meet her while waiting for the perfect time I will start collecting her albums, the one thing I was never able to do cause I got no money when she released them hahahaha.

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Hoooh, this post is so long already, I guess I now have to end it. But before that I want to great you a Happy New Year! Start this year with big smile and big dreams and you never know you are right in your dreams already. How about you what’s your dream goal for this year? Care to share?

loads of love,


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