First Date

Since it’s almost Christmas, the time of gift giving and sharing and since for me everyday is gift giving and sharing here is what I did on our first dinner date using my own money (well not really money but a GC I won) with my grandmother.

Remember the GC I won from Hukad Golden Cowrie’s #kwentongsalusalo contest? Guess what, I finally put it into use by treating my grandma to a dinner date using the GC. I was quiet nervous to bring her there because she is picky with food sometimes and prefers home cooked rather than food outside and she judges things really fast. In short she’s hard to please hahaha. But when she tasted the food we ordered, I was really happy and over the moon because she liked it! Yehey! hahaha. So below are what happened that day in pictures.

CAM02519 copy

CAM02520 copy

CAM02523 copy CAM02524 copy

cam02538 copy cam02539 copy cam02542 copy

Their Filipino style set up

CAM02544 copy

cam02543 copy


Below are the foods we order, of course we have to fit it in our GC’s budget.

CAM02552 copy

Chicken Halang Halang

CAM02553 copy

My favorite Fruit Shake (Mango)

CAM02554 copy

My grandma’s favorite the Garlic Rice

CAM02557 copy

And my suggestion for her to try Pork Sinigang

CAM02559 copy

Our whole meal 🙂 Oooh soo yummy. Creating this post is making me soo hungry!

CAM02555 copy

They are unli rice too ain’t that cool 😀 and they serve it with style <3

CAM02561 copy CAM02562 copy

CAM02563 copy

After the meal 😀

CAM02565 copy

The environment of the place . . .

CAM02551 copy CAM02548 copy CAM02547 copy CAM02546 copy

CAM02545 copy

If you want to know more about what they offer here are some images of their menu.

PS. sorry for the low quality of the photos (peace sign)

CAM02525 copy

CAM02528 copy

CAM02529 copy

CAM02530 copy

CAM02532 copy

CAM02533 copy CAM02534 copy

cam02536 copy

CAM02507 copy CAM02506 copy

CAM02503 copy CAM02508 copy CAM02511 copy

CAM02512 copy CAM02516 copy

CAM02517 copy

➡ Location : Hukad Golden Cowrie, Ayala Center Cebu, Biliran Rd, Cebu City, Cebu

loads of love,

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