Stations of the Cross

Our next stop was the Stations of the Cross. At first I was skeptical to continue the journey because in order to arrive at the station we have to go back down to where the motorcycle dropped us and I was worried because of my grandma since she was already tired. But after some 30 minutes break our energy was back and ready for some action.



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Along the way 😀



The stations are found at the sides of the mountain going upwards towards the last station located on top of another mountain. The way up was really hard since the road was not cemented and there were lots of rocks. 




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When we came across a cemented stairs going up we thought it was towards the last station na but we were wrong. when we went up there was only limited space there. I was quite disappointed daces all we saw was a white area on the side but the view up there was literally amazing and breathtaking seeing all things green. But there was something I felt while we were there standing at the limited space. It was something like someone was watching at us. It was quite creepy you know. A few days after the trip I started planning to create a blogpost for this trip when i stumble upon another blog who went there and stated all the things that was to see at the place. The space of chunk up side of the mountain where the white area was, was an image of mother mary formed naturally, when I found out about it I got really more disappointed because I ddi not see it with my own eyes and regraded it as nothing at all a place to see the view only but I guess there was something more. Guess that explains the creepy feeling I got. There was a holy presence there I guess.



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