Visiting Q Park

Dr. Norberto Quisumbing and his family turned their 200 hectares of land located in the Municipality of Compostela, the northern part of Cebu, into a place of holiness, prayer, pilgrimage and retreat for people who seeks silence and a time with our dear GOD. 

A place where nature and God collides harmonically.

Q Park is most visited during the Holy Week season. To accommodate and make the visitors visit a meaningful one, the park create their own Facebook page for everyone to see the schedule of activities during the Holy Week.

Not only that but they also built it for families and friends to have fun and go on a picnic.

The park consists of . . .

"Heroes Hill"

Heroes Hill is like a museum or library of history of all the people who contributed and made a name in the history of the Philippines. I was not able to get in so I can’t describe about the place that much. Sorry.

"Our Mother of Love, Peace and Joy"

Before you get to the top and see Our Mother of Love, Peace, and Joy in person you have to walk the stairs that consists of 285 steps . . . Read more >>>


This Chapel is where masses are held not just during the Lenten season but also every Sunday around 3:00 PM I guess. Read more >>>

"Replica of the House of Mother Mary"

The place even created a replica of the House of Mother Mary which can be found in Mt. Koressos in Turkey. Read more >>>

"Station of the Cross"

Built with intricate details, the Station of the cross is placed along the road, circling one of the mountain. Read more >>>


The three cross where Jesus and the two thieves got crucified is situated at the top of the mountain and is the end point of the station of the cross. Read more >>>

The sites listed below are the ones I was not able to get to since it was quite far.

"Virgin of Guadalupe"
"Our Lady in the Cave
"La Pieta"
"Senior Sto. Nino"
"St. Pedro Calungsod"
"San Lorenzo Ruiz"

Other than that, the park also has a Retreat House which can be access if you have reserved the place, Girls and Boy Scout Camps, a parking area, big tents located in different areas, a board that tells the story of the place and its inspiration and the Holy Catholic Church and a cute pond found in front of the Replica of the House of Mother Mary.

The park is open any day and anytime (except if the owner announces otherwise) and there is no entrance fee. There are roaming guards 24/7 and there are many lights at night.

I was not able to explore the whole place since it is very big and the day we went there was so hot and my grandma was really tired already. Meaning, I have a very good reason to come back to see it’s beauty again and explore the place one more time 🙂

How about you guys, have you been there before? Care to share 🙂

PS. This post might change after my next visit. If you plan on visiting the place and does not know how to just comment below or shoot me an email at and I’ll gladly assist you 🙂 Or you can visit their facebook page Q Park .

load of love,


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