A TEEN No More

Time flies so fast, just four days ago I was still a teen and now I’m not. I still can’t believe it, I’m no longer a TEEN hahaha. It’s so hard to let myself sink in that I’m already 20, I’m already an adult hahaha. To be honest, I don’t feel like I’m 20, I guess it’s because I don’t really think about my age that much. I mean, I don’t give a big deal about it. But still, I can’t help but reminisce about my teen life. Wait, do I even have a teen life??? Well all I know is that it was full of ups and lots of downs.

To celebrate my 4th day as an adult, here are some photos when I was a teen by age and say a little description about the photo. Please be ready for some gruesome face of mine and please bear with it I know I’m not that pretty.

13 [ Thir – TEEN ]


Oh boy, hahaha now this photo is a living proof that I’m already a selfie addict even though selfie was not that popular. And goossh look at mah face. Tsssk, I can’t believe I was sooo cheeky back then. I took this selfie while waiting for my group mates to arrive so we can start our documentation project. I was in my first year in high school when I took this hmm first months of classes I guess.

14 [ Four – TEEN ]


Goossh, this is so embarrassing my face is so round. And this one is proof of how I love selfie mirror whenever I see a mirror even though I’m not a big fan of seeing myself in the mirror. I took this when I went to the other high school in our place to witness their intramural and because my cousin wants me to come along with her. Please don’t mind the man at my back, I don’t know him, maybe he was one of the teachers at that school. I was in second year high school by the time this was taken in the month of September. Don’t mind the date and time, it was not set correctly.

15 [ Fif – TEEN ]


This photo was during our field trip. The very first field trip I experienced and went to a lot of place. It was a super cool experience and I plan to go back to that place again cause it was so pretty there 🙂 I was in my second year in high school.

16 [Six – TEEN ]


I look like a Korean or Japanese in this photo cause my eyes suddenly became chinky or am I just dreaming about it when I look at this photo lol. This one was during our Christmas Party when I was in 3rd year high school.

17 [ Seven – TEEN ]


Now this one, I will never forget. Because of this field trip my eyes were open to the world of traveling. It made more alive and made me realize that I need to travel and get out of my comfort zone and be adventurous. See the world before it’s too late, I mean nothing lasts forever you know and you become young only once in your life. It made me more sure of myself that I would do anything to be able to travel the world but first I want to travel my home country, the Philippines. This was taken in Baybayon ni Agalon in Albuera, Leyte to chill and relax after a day long of touring 🙂 . A fourth year high school student at this age.

18 [ eigh – TEEN ]


The photo was during my not-so-debut done by my co-scholars and org. The party was for birthday celebrants and thanksgiving for all of us, scholars, was safe after Yolanda destroyed parts of the country. This is my 1st year in college, hahaha.

19 [ nine – TEEN ]


The last stage of being a TEEN and I had to say good bye to it 4 days ago huhuhuhbellss. This photo was during our intramural or USC days last September, I think.

Now that you have seen the evolution of Marj from the START of my teen to the END of it. As I look back to it, it may have been full of lows but still, I’m very thankful for my ups cause even though they are just some but they were BIGGER than my lows combined 🙂 To end this post, here are some photos of how my birthday went about. Enjoy 🙂

Thank you Lord for another. To the people|friends|family who greeted me publicly and privately on Facebook, Skype, Instagram, Gmail, text and call and those who greeted me personally and thrown me a pizza party thank you.thank you.thankyou.thank you.A million thanks to all of you is not enough for you made my very special and here i thought they would forget it since i turned off the notif in all those social media and expected that day to be just another boring day hahaha and for that may God bless you all and shower you bountiful blessings. LOVE, iammarj <3 #birthday #thankful #twentieth #vainteee #blessings #lightingcandles #candles #vsco #vscocam #vscoph #cebucity #philippines #iammarjdotxyz

Tradition of lighting candles or “panagkot” at the church during birthdays.

A treat for myself at Cafe Namoo

First ever Pizza Party for my birthday 🙂 <3

And now that I’m twenty (20), don’t you think I deserve a SELFIE hahahaha



Before I end this post I would like to greet all of you who are born in November a HAPPY.HAPPY.BIRTHDAY enjoy your days guys 🙂

loads of love,


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