I know you guys know all ready that quote, but I want to start my first post in my new blog with that to remind myself that change can’t be avoided no matter what you do even if your the richest person in the world.

There is no escaping it wether you like it or not. Well, this new change in my life, I like, who won’t having your own blog with your own domain, though I have to spend some amount of money it’s worth it anyway hahahah.

So, guys let me welcome you to my new blog. Yehey!!!!! Hahaha, welcome guys and happy reading to my future post. I hope and wish you guys will like all my posts and please leave a comment or thoughts of yours in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you guys. Thank you in advance.

Okay enough talking, to celebrate my launch and first post in this blog here are outfit posts on what I wore during my last week misadventure and some sneak peak to where and what the place looked like.

( Tops&Skirt : Proud 2B Me ::: Black Backpack : Follies ::: Black Doll Shoes ::: Michael Kors )

‘Till my next post guys 🙂

loads of love,


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